Friday, December 2, 2011

Update on my little guy

Its been a while since I've updated on Grayson and how's been doing. He is growing up so fast. In the last few days he's started calling himself a man. He'll say "I'm a man!". Not sure where he's gotten that from but its been hilarious. He like's to state that he's a big boy quite regularly as well.

Here's a few of the phrases he likes to say:
"When I get older I can cook."
"When I get older I can drive."
"When I get older I can work."
"I'm going to work."

I need to measure Grayson soon. Its been a while. Most people think he's 4 years old because he's so tall. I have a feeling he's going to be tall as his Daddy(he's 6'2") or his uncle Chris(he's 6'4" or 6'5"). I'm 5'9". He'll probably be taller than me by the end or beginning of middle school. Should be interesting to see.

Grayson talks ALL the time! The only time he takes breaks is to sleep or eat. That boy loves to ask questions constantly. Usually the same thing over & over (it can drive a person batty). He also states things over & over. He did that today and I thought I might lose my mind. I do love that he's so inquisitive.

He is so fascinated with how things work. He's just like his Daddy. Even my MIL says that Grayson is the same way Nathan was as child. Nathan used to take things apart and rebuild them. Nathan had his first computer at an early age and he would work on it with his Papa. Now that's what Nathan does for a living. He builds computers from the ground up on the side. I have a feeling Grayson will do something similar. He likes to help his Papa build things in his workshop. Its fun watching Grayson figure things out (it can be scary too, lol).

For a little while now Grayson has been going through a defiant stage. There are days where it literally wears me down. Sometimes I wonder what have I done so wrong for him to act the way he does. Then I remember that all children at some point or another goes through that. However, it still doesn't change how I feel like its all my fault. He will say, "No mama" and then shake his finger at me. He loves to argue. There are time's where I can ignore him and go about my business. Then there are other time's where his behavior cannot be ignored. I try to pick and choose my battles. This week has been the hardest because I've been so tired. I haven't been sleeping well with the baby moving all hours of the night or heartburn. Lack of sleep means this mama has less patience. I have lost my temper this week and its makes me feel like such a terrible mom. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. Any advice ladies? Has your kid(s) been this way and what did you do? I know this can't be solved over night but I would love to know a better way of handling the situation.

Despite his defiance he is so loving and very caring. He will say out of know where, "I love you so much mommy" or "I love you so much daddy". Its the sweetest thing ever. He talks about his sister all the time. Although he's starting to refer to her as "Sissy". He talks about how he loves her so much. He's used to hearing everyone pray at church and us pray at home. So now he will pray for others too. Its SO sweet to listen to his prayers. He will close those little eyes and say his prayer. Since yesterday he will stop what he's doing and pray, "Dear Lord please touch Ciaran. Help him feel better. Thank you Lord. Amen." Those are his exact words. I couldn't be more proud of him. If you feel bad he will sit with you and love on you. He then will say a prayer for you.

Grayson talks so well. It blows my mind how much he can say. There are time's where he will go off on a tangent and I can't make heads or tales of what he saying. Most time's he will tell you straight up what he wants or how it is.

We're planning to put Grayson into t-ball next year. I've found a few churches but they are a little farther than I want to drive. Still searching for churches closer to us. I think sign up is usually in February. I think he will have a blast playing and will learn to work with other kids.

He's become very interested in my knitting. He loves to watch me knit and ask me questions about it. I plan to teach him how to knit in the next few years. I thought about teaching him how to finger knit first. Something I still have to learn. Its so funny how he assumes certain things are knitted now. He says, "When I get older I can knit".

Still can't believe my sweet boy is already 3. Time slow down.