Thursday, December 16, 2010

New things

Tuesday December 7th

For the longest while Grayson wouldn't give anyone kisses. Then recently he started giving kisses to himself on his "boo boos". When I told him I had a boo boo he kissed my hand. I asked him if he would kiss my cheek and he did! Since then he will kiss our cheek and boo boos. I love that he's starting to do that without us asking us for a kiss. It makes my day when my boy gives his slobbery kisses.

Thursday December 16th
Jingle Bells came on the radio and Grayson sang along. He said, "Jingle bells, jingle bells..HEY!". He said it plain as day and it was amazing. I can't get over how much he his learning lately.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is how I roll...

Gary Thanksgiving 11/21

This year Thanksgiving was held at Nathan's parents house. There were 42 people in total. Talk about a CRAZY house. Thankfully the weather was nice and majority of the kids played outside. What a relief! We had a great meal! My favorite was Darlene's dressing. Seriously the best ever! After we all ate, some of us retreated outside to where the kids were. I brought my knitting with me and worked on a little dog for Grayson. Nathan's younger cousin Necole watched as I knitted. She told her Mom that she would like to learn to knit. Her Mom told her she would have to find someone to teach her. I asked her if I brought needles and yarn to the Gary Christmas dinner would she like me to teach her. She was so excited and said yes. That was the highlight of the day. Grayson had a blast playing with the kids. It was funny watching him try to act big like them. My boy is growing up too fast.

Thanksgiving Day

The morning was pretty low key. I was able to enjoy the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Usually I'm running around like crazy trying to finish prepping food. The only thing I had to make that morning was macaroni and cheese for Grandma's. I already made Spinach Dip and a Sugar-Free Coconut Creme Pie the night before for Grandma's. I made the Pumpkin Pie's and put together the Green Bean Casserole for Korey's. It felt good already being prepared. Grayson loved watching the parade. This is the first year that he's been interested in it. He got SO excited when he saw the Kermit the frog balloon even though he had no idea who it was. He runs to me and asks, "What's that?" and I told him it was "Kermit". So he stands at the tv saying "Kermit, Kermit." Things went down hill real fast when Kermit went away and some dancers were featured. He pointed at the tv saying, "Where's Kermit?". He had the saddest face (I have pictures). Eventually he started crying tears and all. He was begging for Kermit to come back. I pulled up a youtube video of Kermit and he was over it. Kids are so funny.

We had a great dinner at Grandma's. So much yummy food!!!

Then we headed home to pick up the food for Franklin and Korey's. As soon as we got there I had to hurry and pop the casserole in the oven. When everything was done we dug in. Everything was delicious! We had a great time catching up. Grayson had fun chasing after Lucy(the kitten Korey recently gave away). I was surprised to turn and find Grayson holding Lucy. Thankfully he wasn't holding her by the neck which is what I feared. He did really well. It was hilarious when he said, "Ride". I was like NO!! She moved before he could sit on her. All in all it was a great time spent with family.

Bonfire 11/27

We had our second bonfire. It was so much fun. Much more enjoyable this time since it was so cold. Last time it was surprisingly muggy. We ate too many roasted hot dogs, roasted marshmallows, and smores. I made a pot of coffee and sat out hot chocolate packets for anyone who wanted any. I chose to drink coffee with pumpkin pie spice creamer mmmmm. I was so happy that Franklin and Korey were able to come this time. While they were here I kept wondering if we will get to do something like that again next year. We have no idea where they will be stationed then. Okay moving on. So the bonfire was a big hit. I wish my parents were interested in coming but its not there thing. Oh well...we had fun and plan on a lot more bonfires in the future.

December 1st-3rd

Grayson and I went to NC to Melody and her family. Originally we were going to go the weekend so Nathan would be with us but I had other plans for Saturday. The first was the only other time I could go. That was the farthest I've ever driven by myself with Grayson. It was also our first trip without Nathan. Over all it wasn't a bad drive. The route I took takes me through Hiawassee, Georgia. Its so pretty through there.

We made it to NC right before 10am. We did great. It was great seeing Melody. We went and had breakfast at Waffle House. Then we stopped by a kids second hand shop and the yarn shop. Melody surprised me with my Christmas present there. My gift was to pick out myself some wool roving or whatever I wanted. I love their wool roving more than the yarn there. I went to town picking all kinds of colors. I still need to take pictures of all I got. Grayson thought he was in heaven with all the "balls" of roving. I plan to make a felted pumpkin with some of the stuff I got. I also plan on copying a felted wall hanging/placemat they had there. It was a tree with fall colored leaves and a bird in the tree with a cream background. I plan to do it but in a much smaller scale. I may do an owl instead of a little bird. I want to make one to put in a shadow box. We'll when that happens.

That evening we went to visit our Mamaw. It was great seeing her. I haven't seen her since she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. Its still hard to believe she has it. I haven't mentioned it here because I guess I'm still in shock that she has it. She's already started radiation. I forget how many weeks she has to take it and then she has to start a chemo pill after that. I feel like I've been processing the whole breast cancer news. I haven't ever mentioned that my other Mawmaw has it too but she's on the chemo pill now and is doing well as far as I know. So now I have breast cancer on both sides. That scares me. I try not too worry but I also think about how my Mom has a chance of having it too. Every so often I bring it up to make sure she's doing her regular checks. Okay enough about the cancer talk. I was glad I got to see my Mamaw.

It seemed like the rest of the trip flew. Late at night RL got to listen to me and Melody go on about knitting. Doesn't feel like we had enough time to knit together but we squeezed in a few hours.

Friday evening we said our goodbyes. Of course that's never easy. If everything works out we should be seeing them in February.

December 4th

Me, Breanne, Korey, and Kelly went to a Women's Self-Defense class. It was so much fun, very informative, and we learned how to kick butt! In all honesty if you have never taken a self defense class I highly suggest you should. Its very empowering and gives you the skills to protect yourself in a bad situation. I plan to go back sometime next year for a refresher(its free). I'm working on getting my mom and MIL to go with me. So far its not an easy task but I plan to get them there someway some how. We took a group photo before leaving.

Best group photo ever. haha It was fun punching the crap out of the head (forgot his name, Carl?)

Afterwards the four of us went out to lunch to Applebee's. Had a wonderful time with the girls.

December 6th

My mil Darlene turned the big 5-0. She was not thrilled at all. The plan was to wait and celebrate on Wednesday when Breanne came home. I couldn't imagine not celebrating her birthday at all. So I made spaghetti and took it to her house. We had a salad with it. I helped Grayson write out a birthday message to his Nana. His message made her night. We had a great time.

December 8th

We went out to eat for Darlene's birthday to Red Bowl Asian Bistro. Its SO good. I ordered the Spicy Thai Mango Chicken with brown rice and requested they not make it spicy. haha After we ate we went back to my in-laws house. Grandma brought over the cake that I dropped off at her house earlier. Darlene was so surprised. I made a German Chocolate pound cake from scratch. Talk about an AMAZING cake. She was thrilled. I seriously need to make another one. For her birthday we got her Ansel Adams book that has 400 of his photos. He was an amazing photographer. He's Darlene's favorite photographer of all time's. She pretty much flipped when she got it. Her 50th birthday was a success. Best mother-in-law ever!

The 6th was also the 7th Anniversary of Nathan coming to visit me for the first time(at that point we hadn't seen each other since highschool). Then as you all know the 7th is the anniversary of when we first started dating.

This Saturday Korey and I are going to the library to knit. I love when its knitting time at the library. I seriously look forward to every month. Not to sound pitiful Korey, but I'm going to miss you not being there next month and so forth. Okay moving on. Afterwards we have plans to get lunch and then to check out Natural Baby in Greenville. They are having Cloth Diapering 101. Should be fun. I can't wait to check out the place. I just found out about it recently. I plan to check out the cloth diapers they sell there and the detergent for them. It will be great having the option of buying in person or buying online. Should be fun!

Then Sunday we're going to Ally's 4th birthday party. I'm trying to hurry and finish knitting Ally's doll. That will be what I work on at the library. I also have to sew her a dress because I couldn't find a knit pattern for it in time. I pray it looks good!

If you read all of this you deserve a cookie. Now go into your pantry to see if you can find one.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Days of Clothmas Giveaway

Go check out the awesome giveaway's over at Cloth Diaper Addiction!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seven Years

Seven years ago Nathan and I started dating. Look how far we have come.