Thursday, August 14, 2008

Glucose Test

Yesterday was the day of my glucose test. I was happy to be able to eat a small meal before going. It was raining so bad that I decided to leave early. Thankfully I got to the doctors office 15 minutes early. I signed in and then went to give a urine sample. Right when I got out the nurse at the front asking me what flavor of Glucola I wanted. I told her orange. I had 5 minutes to drink it. It wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. It was like a very sweet kool-aid. If I thought about it too much it would have made me sick. It was mind over matter. Thankfully I didn't get sick.

After I drank the Glucola the nurse took me to get weighed. I gained 3lbs this time. I asked her how many pounds have I gained this whole pregnancy. She said in total I've only gained 4lbs. I couldn't hardly believe it. She said some women don't hardly gain weight during pregnancy. Its almost as if my weight is being pulled from other areas and going straight to my stomach. Which that is fine by me. ;) I'm sure I'll gain a lot more weight towards the end.

I met another doctor finally. His name is Dr. Smith. The only problem I have with the 2 doctors I've met so far is that they are in such a hurry. It doesn't make me feel too good when they are rushing my visit. When they act like they are in such a hurry it makes me forget everything I was wanting to talk about. Nathan told me next time I go to tell them that. I believe I will. We're paying so they shouldn't try to push me out of the room just about. Anyways. Dr. Smith checked the heartbeat and as soon as he'd find it the baby would move. He said he believes the baby was on a sugar high from the glucola. He finally found the heartbeat and it was just as strong as ever. His heartbeat was 136 bpm. He measured me and everything looks good.

I told the Doc about how I've been hurting more at night in my belly area. Mostly cramping and pains in my skin (probably stretching). He said that its all normal.

My next appointment is September 4th. Only 3 weeks till then. After that appointment I'll be going every 2 weeks after that. Once I was done checking out I had to go to the Lab to give blood. I had to wait till 11:57am to get it taken. So I had to wait an additional 30 minutes before they could take me back. It was finally time to get it taken and thankfully it wasn't bad at all.

I'm so glad that visit is all over with. When I got home I ate lunch with Nathan. Then I took a 2 hour nap.

I can't believe I'll be 7 months this Saturday!


  1. I can't believe you are already 7 months! I'm glad the glucola didn't make you sick, imo the worse flavor is "cola" but I'm not a coke girl anyway. I hope your doctor slows down at your next appointment.

  2. Wow, Adrian it seems like yesterday you told me you were pregnant! :) I'm glad you got your glucose test done! Thankfully, Cindy didn't rush as much as other doctors did,from what I'm hearing.

    Wow, you'll be in labor before you know it! :)

  3. I can't believe you're 7 months! That's just crazy. Glad the glucola test went well. I had the orange with Rylee too ... but it made me sick lol With Emma I never had a choice just clear stuff.

    I think it's hard to find a doctor that doesn't rush these days. It's sad/

  4. It's insane how fast your pregnancy has went by. Of course the closer you get to your due date, time will slow down a bit because you'll be so ready to meet that little man.

    I'm glad the glucose test didn't make you sick. I've gotten sick everytime I've done it.

    Your next appointment is on my anniversary, how neat.

    Love ya cous....

  5. I'm so glad everything went well, and I'm glad that you're barely gaining any weight. That will make it easier to get the weight that you HAVE gained, off. :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love it when people leave notes. Congrats on being 7 months and I'm glad you're done with the glucose test...I have that to look forward too YUCK!

  7. I'm so glad that everything went well. Thank you for calling me that day! I <3 ya ;)