Monday, August 18, 2008

28 weeks and 1 day

I cannot believe how fast time has flown by during this pregnancy. Its unreal. I only have 82 days to go. Of course that is if he comes on time. I know towards the end it will probably drag.

In the last few days I've been feeling even more tired, more uncomfortable, not sleeping well, worse heart burn & indigestion, and a whole lot more back pain when standing too long. Of course this is all to be expected. If the old wives tale is right then my baby will have lots of hair (referring to heartburn).

So far these days I try not to make too many plans. I never know how I'm going to feel day to day. Although I do have a week vacation coming up next month and a weekend trip in October. Those are the biggest plans thus far.

Here's my pictures for 28wks and 1 day:

I decided to show my belly this time around. Still not perfectly round. I may wait a while before I show my belly again. That's not something I like to show, but I do want a few real belly pics before baby is here.


  1. What a sweet little bump! You look radiant! As for the old wives tale, I had the worst heartburn ever with my last pregnancy, and miss pickle has tons of hair, so just maybe! :)

  2. I love the pics! I can't believe my cutie nephew will be here so soon! YIKES! Which reminds me that his Mommy owes me a list I believe ;) I love ya dearly! Call me this week if you aren't busy, or maybe we could do something Friday. I work 10-7 I believe. Anyway. TTYL!

  3. You do have that pregnant glow! You are so adorable.

    I don't think the heart burn thing is true because I had it bad with both girls. Rylee had a good bit of hair and Emma was bald lol.

  4. Aww such cute pics. Your skin looks so smooth.

    Love ya cous....

  5. :) Great pics! Wow I can't believe you've only got 82 days left!!! Hahaha I was about to tell you the wives tale. I didn't have heart burn and boy Daniel had some hair!

  6. Thanks. I have heard that if you aren't sure about what God is directing you to have other peeople pray about it and see if he gives them the same answer. I appreciate your prayers :)