Monday, August 18, 2008

More news on the house

One week ago we went to Nathan's Aunts house to look at it again. While we were there she told us that she was going down on the price of the house. She took $10,900 off the price. That helps tremendously. She's also getting rid of her realtor. We were happy to hear that too. Right now we're still waiting on to see how much Nathan's raise is this year. He should be having his evaluation this month just not sure when. Things are looking good. We're still praying everything works out. She's giving us till the middle of next month to decide if we can buy it or not. We're also thinking about keeping our house and renting to our friends for at least a year. Then see if maybe they would like to buy or maybe his brother. We shall see.

Couple of weeks ago Nathan called the bank lady (the one who never called back). He actually got in touch with her. She apologized and said she had a family emergency with her son & Mother. Whether that's true or not we will never know. Nathan told her he thought she fell off the face of the earth, because he never heard from her. He also told her this is a serious matter. She apologized more. Well she promised to call Nathan later that evening to give him the list of things he would need for her to see what kind of loan we qualify for. She did keep her promise and called later that evening. We missed the call.

She called Nathan back last week and then emailed him the list of everything he needs. He got everything together and met with her last week. We qualify for a lot more than what we need but that is great. We do have to put a bit more down on the house since we will be paying closing cost. We should have it all by next month.While he was there he found the brochure for the home inspector that inspected the house we currently live in. Thankfully its only going to cost $200 since the house is less than 2,000 sq. ft. Things are coming together. Everything is all ready for us to make an offer on the house, but we'd rather wait till we know what Nathan's pay raise is. We both strongly feel like everything will work out for us to get the house. God is moving!

In my next post I plan on sharing pictures of the cake I made for my Mom's birthday. I'll post the recipe as well. Its so good I almost want to make another. :)


  1. Sounds like God is moving in your favor :) That's great.

  2. yay house! and that cake was good! I didn't eat any until the next day....but it was AMAZING!