Wednesday, May 28, 2008

magazine rack

I want a magazine rack like that...color and all. :)

Doctor Visit

Today was the day for my next check up. The nurse took me to one room to weigh me and check my blood pressure. I asked her how much weight have I gained since my last visit She surprised me by telling me I actually have lost 3 pounds. I asked her how was that possible because I feel like my appetite has increased (again). She mentioned about how I probably eat in small increments. She said, "Don't worry you will gain it all back plus more". Then she told me my blood pressure was 150/82. She said the top was high, but its nothing to worry about.

I was taken to another room to talk to the Nurse Practitioner. She asked me if I was feeling the baby yet. I told her that I have since I was 16wks and 1 day. I told her that I feel a lot more fluttering throughout today. So far we're having an active baby. She let me hear the baby's heartbeat. It was so strong. :) The baby's heartbeat was 147-149 bpm. Baby is doing great.

Then I talked to her about all the problems I've been dealing with. I talked about the headaches. We both be believe that its a combination of sinuses and pregnancy hormones. For now I'm going to continue to take the medicine for sinuses and see what happens. I got a better idea of what is okay to take as well. I told her about my bad gas that gives me chest pains. Basically I just need to stick to taking Gas-X as soon as I feel the pressure. I told her how I've been feeling like my lower back and hips have been feeling like they were dislocating from each other. It mostly happened when I'd get up from sitting down. Then it would be a weird popping sensation. I also told her about the nerve in my hip that has been effecting my walking when getting up. She said all that is normal. She said that usually your bones soften up as the baby expands. That way you can carry the load. She also said that my uterus is getting bigger and is probably pressing down on a nerve. Really there's nothing she can do about it. She did give me a pamphlet on ways to stretch out my back. That should help some. I really need to buy that prenatal yoga dvd.

Before I left she took my blood pressure again. It was 120/70. She said it was almost perfect. I was very happy and relieved. I was laughing earlier and that could have made it go up. Either way I'm glad its better now.

I was so happy to be able to make the next appointment. My next visit is scheduled for June 25th at 10:45am. That's the day we find out what we are having!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeek I'm so happy!! I can hardly wait!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yesterday marked 16wks. along in my pregnancy. Hard to believe! I didn't get any pictures taken yesterday or today. I've felt too lousy today to have any taken. I plan on having them taken tomorrow. Should be a good day for it.

I never wrote about how I felt the baby move for the first time last Sunday night. It was the most amazing feeling. I was laying in bed on my back and I felt a huge amount of fluttering. It almost took my breath away. I felt the baby move again on Wednesday evening. I've also felt the baby move a great deal today. I think today has been the most movement so far.

I have been feeling lousy off and on since yesterday. Even though I'm pretty much over the morning sickness, random nausea still likes to lurk. I've also had the worse gas. The kind that is trapped and even causes chest pains. I've also been having a lot of problems with my lower back and a nerve in my right hip. Headaches have been plaguing me a lot lately. They occur daily. Sometimes it feels like I have to be careful how fast I move or the headaches start up. Not so fun.

Despite all the issues I've been having the last few days, I still could not be happier. I feel so blessed to be carrying this little one. I can't wait to meet him/her.

I'm going to go enjoy a nice cup of chamomile & almond tea. Hopefully it will help me feel and sleep better.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

15 week pictures

Yesterday Darlene took my pictures. I thought they turned out pretty well. I was amazed how my belly has changed since last week.

After Darlene took my pictures I was talking about how big my belly has gotten. As we were talking about my belly I started rubbing it. All of the sudden I felt a hard knot on my belly. I couldn't believe it, it was the baby!! I found the spot and put Darlene's hand on there. She said, "yep that's the baby!". :) It felt like a heel or an elbow. I couldn't hardly believe it. I just started crying. I hurried back to the house and let Breanne feel. By the time I got to her the baby had already moved to a different position. Then I went upstairs and got Nathan to feel. Once again the baby had moved again. I found the spot and Nathan couldn't hardly believe it either. That was another amazing thing I've experienced so far. Made me feel that much closer to the baby. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008


Last Saturday I was 14wks along. I ended up forgetting to get someone to take my 14wk picture. :( Tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be 15wks along. I can't believe it! You be sure there will be a 15 wk picture taken. In some ways I already feel like time is flying by. I guess things sorta went faster after I wasn't feeling sick all the time. I'm glad most of that is over. For now at least.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I know I'm still a Mother to be, but everyone did such sweet things. That morning before I got up Nathan came into the bedroom with a few surprises. He laid on the bed and handed me a card. I was so surprised. It was my first Mother's to be card. Of course I cried as I read it. I would share what he wrote, but he said it was personal. I'll never forget that moment. He also gave me a box of chocolates and some bubble bath to take a soak in. I have an amazing husband!!

As we were laying down he was telling me he had the most wonderful dream the night before. He held our son and got to look into his eyes. He said our baby smiled at him. I had cold chills and tears forming when he was telling me this. It was beautiful hearing him talk about it. He said he even saw him grow up some in the dream. It was so sweet.

Later that morning we went over to Nathan's parents house. Before I could give Darlene her present, she surprised me. She gave me a Mother's to Be card that everyone wrote in. I got so emotional and the tears started flowing. It took me a while to read the card. lol My tears made the writing blurry. It was wonderful. She also gave me a book called "Keepsakes For a Mother's Heart". That brought more tears. Happy tears of course.

We went back home and then the rest of my family arrived. My parents, Franklin & Korey, her Mom and siblings came over. We had a cookout. We had so much fun. Korey had made a cake a for our Mom's. She did an awesome job. She also surprised me with a cake. It looks like a pregnant belly in a dress. She did a wonderful job on it too. It was so much fun having all the family together. We need to do it more often. It was a wonderful feeling having my home full of laughter. The day was just perfect. When it was time to give gifts, I was surprised with one from Franklin and Korey. The card was precious and tears about to form. They really came when I opened the gift. Korey made a calendar that had our baby's ultrasound picture on it. She put at the bottom Happy Mother's Day! Love, Your Baby. Its also in a frame that has magnets and velcro on the back. I was almost bawling by then. I was pretty much an emotional but happy wreck. Once I pulled myself together I put my new calendar on the fridge. I love it!

I have exciting news! Nathan and I bought a nursery set! Nathan's Dad found a set on craigslist. We went to look at it yesterday and we really liked it. So we went ahead and bought it. We got a crib, armoire, and a changing table. All for $300. It was an awesome deal. Here's the pics of the set:

I love the set. Originally I wanted a darker set, but I decided it was best not to be too picky...especially for the price. I can't wait to one day have it all set up.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby names

I have a list of baby names so far, but I'm not finished searching for names yet. I gathered a bunch of names and there meanings. I the names split up in categories. However, I can see some of the first names being middle names also and vice versa.

Girl Names
First names

Addison- Child of Adam
Ella- Young girl, beautiful fairy-woman
Emily- To Strive Or Excel Or Rival, flatterer
Lydia- from Lydia, Greece
Madilyn- high tower
Madison- Son of Matthew, good
Natalie- Born on Christmas Day
Sophie- Wisdom

Middle Names

Ainsley- my own meadow
Bailey- bailiff, steward
Claire is Illustrious
Grace- Grace of God, graceful

Boy Names

First Names

Aiden- fiery
Colin- young cub
Connor- Wise
Graydon- Gray hill
Greyson- Son Of The Grey-Haired One
Hayden- From The Hay Downs, hedged valley
Jackson- Son of Jack
Jacob- Supplanter
Lucas- From Lucania

Middle Names

Brayden- broad valley
David- Beloved
Elijah- The Lord is my God
Ethan- strong; firm
Evan- young warrior
Oliver- Olive tree
Parker- Park Keeper

So far my 2 favorite girl names are Addison Claire and Ella Grace. For boys names I'm in love with Graydon Elijah and Grayson Elijah. I'm still searching through names. I told Nathan he has to read through the book soon to tell me the one's he likes. So far he's picked Natalie and Madison. I'm not sold on those however. I think I'm to a good start.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

13 week and 1 day pictures

On Sunday we had a family dinner at Nathan's Grandparents house. It was a beautiful day to take pictures. Darlene took a few belly shots for me. It was hard to smooth out my top since it is a maternity top. Not the best one to take belly shots in just yet. Either way its a cute top and you can still see my bump. :)

I really like this picture. It was Darlene's idea. :)

This is the only one of just the two of us together. Not the best pic, but Darlene did catch us off guard.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Picture time

These are the pictures my MIL took last Sunday. They turned out great. I played with the color a bit in photoshop. I plan on getting his Mom to take more pictures soon, but without the stick. I'm 12wks and 1 day in these pictures.

This is the same picture as above but I had fun playing with it.

I didn't get any belly pics today, but I should have some taken tomorrow. The belly pics will be posted at my blog.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Extra tidbits about the ultrasound

I realized I left a few things out on my last entry. I was very tired when I wrote it. I didn't make it clear that we did indeed hear our baby's heartbeat. It was amazing and emotional all at the same time. Before the lady told us the number of bpm we could already tell our baby had a very strong heartbeat. Once we heard the heartbeat my mind was put to ease. There have been times lately where worry would take over and I'd wonder if the baby was okay. Its like I knew in my gut that the baby was doing great, but the worry set in my mind anyways. I know that's normal, but its hard. Thankfully I'm not worrying anymore since I've seen and heard my baby's heartbeat.

Another thing I forgot to mention was how we actually saw our baby rub his/her eyes. That truly was AMAZING!! I know I'm not extremely far a long but we were shocked the baby was able to do that. It was so beautiful seeing him/her do that. I'll never forget. We woke the baby up and I know he/she was still tired. It was sweet watching him/her do that.

I'm so in love with this baby already. When I think of baby tears comes to my eyes and sometimes my heart flutters. He/she is already loved so much by so many. There's no doubt in my mind that this baby is going to flooded by the love that so many have to give. God has blessed Nathan and I with wonderful families on both sides. There is so much love and so much support. Sometimes I feel like my heart could just explode from all the love we are given. God has been so good to us! I can't wait to teach our child about the loving God we serve.

Wednesday when we saw our baby I kept on thinking, how could anyone ever hurt a baby? How could anyone ever have an abortion? What I saw was not a blob. You could see that our baby already looked like most infants, only smaller. It boggles my mind. Why can't people go full term and give the babies up for adoption. That would be so much better. Give the baby a chance. I'm going to quit talking about this, because I will cry. Onto happier things.

Either way Nathan and I are the happiest we have ever been in our lives (besides are engagement and wedding day of course). Speaking of wedding day, our Anniversary is coming up on the 21st this month. I can't believe we've almost been married for 3 years now. Doesn't seem possible. We're planning a little something. Nothing big this year. Whatever we do it will be amazing, because I'll be with my hubby.

A few Sundays ago Nathan's Mom took pictures of us...some with the pregnancy stick(her idea). lol They turned out so good. I'll probably get her to take more soon without the stick. I'll be posting those in my next entry probably.