Friday, May 16, 2008


Last Saturday I was 14wks along. I ended up forgetting to get someone to take my 14wk picture. :( Tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be 15wks along. I can't believe it! You be sure there will be a 15 wk picture taken. In some ways I already feel like time is flying by. I guess things sorta went faster after I wasn't feeling sick all the time. I'm glad most of that is over. For now at least.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I know I'm still a Mother to be, but everyone did such sweet things. That morning before I got up Nathan came into the bedroom with a few surprises. He laid on the bed and handed me a card. I was so surprised. It was my first Mother's to be card. Of course I cried as I read it. I would share what he wrote, but he said it was personal. I'll never forget that moment. He also gave me a box of chocolates and some bubble bath to take a soak in. I have an amazing husband!!

As we were laying down he was telling me he had the most wonderful dream the night before. He held our son and got to look into his eyes. He said our baby smiled at him. I had cold chills and tears forming when he was telling me this. It was beautiful hearing him talk about it. He said he even saw him grow up some in the dream. It was so sweet.

Later that morning we went over to Nathan's parents house. Before I could give Darlene her present, she surprised me. She gave me a Mother's to Be card that everyone wrote in. I got so emotional and the tears started flowing. It took me a while to read the card. lol My tears made the writing blurry. It was wonderful. She also gave me a book called "Keepsakes For a Mother's Heart". That brought more tears. Happy tears of course.

We went back home and then the rest of my family arrived. My parents, Franklin & Korey, her Mom and siblings came over. We had a cookout. We had so much fun. Korey had made a cake a for our Mom's. She did an awesome job. She also surprised me with a cake. It looks like a pregnant belly in a dress. She did a wonderful job on it too. It was so much fun having all the family together. We need to do it more often. It was a wonderful feeling having my home full of laughter. The day was just perfect. When it was time to give gifts, I was surprised with one from Franklin and Korey. The card was precious and tears about to form. They really came when I opened the gift. Korey made a calendar that had our baby's ultrasound picture on it. She put at the bottom Happy Mother's Day! Love, Your Baby. Its also in a frame that has magnets and velcro on the back. I was almost bawling by then. I was pretty much an emotional but happy wreck. Once I pulled myself together I put my new calendar on the fridge. I love it!

I have exciting news! Nathan and I bought a nursery set! Nathan's Dad found a set on craigslist. We went to look at it yesterday and we really liked it. So we went ahead and bought it. We got a crib, armoire, and a changing table. All for $300. It was an awesome deal. Here's the pics of the set:

I love the set. Originally I wanted a darker set, but I decided it was best not to be too picky...especially for the price. I can't wait to one day have it all set up.

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  1. I'm glad that ya'll got the set, and I wish we had thought about the picture so I could have taken it :( Oh well, I still think you are going to have a little boy :) After all Nathan and I both had a dream, plus Drain-o never lies ;)