Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby names

I have a list of baby names so far, but I'm not finished searching for names yet. I gathered a bunch of names and there meanings. I the names split up in categories. However, I can see some of the first names being middle names also and vice versa.

Girl Names
First names

Addison- Child of Adam
Ella- Young girl, beautiful fairy-woman
Emily- To Strive Or Excel Or Rival, flatterer
Lydia- from Lydia, Greece
Madilyn- high tower
Madison- Son of Matthew, good
Natalie- Born on Christmas Day
Sophie- Wisdom

Middle Names

Ainsley- my own meadow
Bailey- bailiff, steward
Claire is Illustrious
Grace- Grace of God, graceful

Boy Names

First Names

Aiden- fiery
Colin- young cub
Connor- Wise
Graydon- Gray hill
Greyson- Son Of The Grey-Haired One
Hayden- From The Hay Downs, hedged valley
Jackson- Son of Jack
Jacob- Supplanter
Lucas- From Lucania

Middle Names

Brayden- broad valley
David- Beloved
Elijah- The Lord is my God
Ethan- strong; firm
Evan- young warrior
Oliver- Olive tree
Parker- Park Keeper

So far my 2 favorite girl names are Addison Claire and Ella Grace. For boys names I'm in love with Graydon Elijah and Grayson Elijah. I'm still searching through names. I told Nathan he has to read through the book soon to tell me the one's he likes. So far he's picked Natalie and Madison. I'm not sold on those however. I think I'm to a good start.


  1. We are going to have to do something about him. I like the names that are your favorite, and not that it matters what I think but umm..I don't care for Madison...I know a little girl who is a complete terror.

  2. I really like Addison, Ella, Emily and Sophie for a girl, and Aiden for a boy.

  3. I love Addison and Ella too! Of course I have a Madison and and Emily to I'm very attached to those names as well! =)

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!