Monday, September 29, 2008

34 weeks and 1 day

So far I've experienced more baby movement. One of the most amazing feelings you can ever experience during pregnancy. I've been feeling him move for about 4 1/2 months now. Every week he gets stronger. Yesterday I think I may have felt his head. Whatever I felt was perfectly round. I thought it might have been his butt (haha), but I think it was is head. Absolutely amazing. Recently I had a dream that I felt his entire foot (the bottom of course). I could feel his toes and everything. I had a hard time figuring out if it was a dream or if I actually felt his foot when I was half asleep. Part of me thinks I felt it when I was half asleep. Even though I still say it was a dream. Who knows. Either way it was so real.

He's gotten so strong now that he kicks the area he shouldn't more frequently. I usually have to take some deep breaths through it. I usually scare people when I get kicked, because sometimes I yelp out loud. He actually stretches and rolls around more now than kicks. I know he's running out of room. He also has hiccups at least several times a day. Its so funny.

Here's the pictures taken yesterday:

40 days to go!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pediatrician Consult

Our appointment with Dr. Whittenberg went really well. It was funny when he first came into the office and recognized Nathan. For the one's who don't know, Dr. Whittenberg was Nathan's Pediatrician and his siblings as well.

Nathan was born 6 weeks premature. Sometime after he was home his Mom went to check on him and found him turning blue. She gave him CPR and immediately took him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with SIDS. Thank God it was caught in time. They put him on a monitor that made sure he kept breathing. If he stopped breathing during his sleep an alarm would go off. That way it woke him up and his parents up. Since he went through all of that his parents had the same monitor hooked up to his siblings when they were born. Just in case we are going to do the same thing for our son. We feel like our son won't have that problem but we won't to take every precaution we can. Dr. Whittenberg agreed that its a good idea to do this.

We also discussed immunization. Nathan and I have been discussing possibly holding off vaccinations for 2 years. Nathan asked him what his opinion was on delaying vaccinations. Of course I already knew the answer to that. He did say he was against delaying them. However, he told us that whatever we decide is all up to us, because it is our child. We raise him however we want to raise. If we choose to delay his vaccinations he said that he wouldn't think any different of us, because its our decision. I was very happy with his response. He's a very genuine man. I understand now why Nathan's parents like him so much. Nathan and I still have more research to do. Most importantly we need to continue to pray about what we need to do.

We also talked about circumcision. I know there are some against it, but we are going through with it. Dr. Whittenberg will the one who does the procedure.

Dr. Whittenberg was also telling us how we may get bombarded with visitors at the hospital and home once baby is here. He mentioned how at the hospital I plan on giving birth at no longer has set visiting hours. I already knew that from a friend of mine who gave birth there. She set her own visiting hours with her 2nd baby. I told him about that and how I plan on doing the same. He said its the best thing to do. He said the last thing I need is to be even more exhausted because of all the visitors coming and going. He also was saying how once we get home somebody needs to put there foot down if too many visitors come over. He said me and baby needs to get plenty of rest. He said there is no reason why me or the baby should ever be woken just because visitors come by. I really liked what he had to say on that. I had already made my mind up that if I became overwhelmed from everyone coming over that I may lock myself and the baby in the bedroom.

As we were about to leave he was telling me how if I ever have any questions I can always call there. He also told me if I ever feel like my baby isn't gaining weight like he should I can call up there and go get him weighed, free of charge. I thought that was so nice. I think I'm going to like going there.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

33 week check up

Yesterday I had my 33 week check up. It went very well. I had guessed that I gained 3lbs and I was right! :) So I guess that makes 6 or 7lbs I have gained so far this entire pregnancy. So hard to believe. My blood pressure was 136/70. Top number is pretty high but the nurse said its nothing to be worried about. It was probably high because of my morning. I will explain. I usually throw my keys on the table or leave them in the front pocket of my purse. They weren't on the table or in the pocket. I began to panic. First thought that came to mind was that Nathan accidentally took my keys. I called him but got no answer. So I called Nathan's Grandma to see if I could borrow her car. Then I remember we had a extra set of keys. Thankfully the truck key was on it, but then I had to figure out if one was a key to the house. Thank God it was! I get off the phone and hit the road. Half way down the road I decided I might check the pocket where I normally keep my cell phone. What did I find? MY KEYS!!!! I was so happy and felt so crazy at the same time. I have never done that before. I was told that's probably because of pregnancy (you forget more). There's the long explanation of why my blood pressure was high. Even the nurse agreed. lol She checked my hemoglobin and said everything looks great.

I was able to meet another doctor yesterday, Dr. Bradley. He seemed nice and didn't act like he was in such a hurry like the others. I was very happy about that. He measured my stomach. From top to bottom I measure 33cm. He was telling me how a woman should always measure at how many weeks along she is. I thought that was so neat. I never heard of that. Then he used the fetal doppler monitor to hear the baby's heartbeat. He found the heartbeat and then he moved. It took him a second but then he found it again. His bpm is in the 150s. All of the sudden my little boy kicked the doppler as hard as he could. Dr. Bradley's hand and the doppler actually jumped off my belly. It was the funniest sight. Dr. Bradley said he must not like that. I told him he's never done that before. That was just way too funny.

I asked Dr. Bradley if there was anyway of telling how much he weighs or how long he is. He said it would be all guess if he told. I'm guessing the only way of knowing is if I had another ultrasound. Which I can't since we'd have to pay out of pocket. At it says he weights a little over 4lbs and is around 17inches long. I also talked to him about Episotomy. When I first read about what that is it really freaked me out. Even more so than actually giving birth. I asked him how often they are done and he said 80% with first time Mom's. He talked about how they haven't hardly ever seen any infections and they heal up well. I was still a bit freaked. (I even talked to my MIL about it and she said she had one. She said it was worth going through so she didn't tear on her own.) I guess there's a lot of pros and cons. I talked to about something else but its kind of on the gross side. I'll leave that part out.

Over all my appointment went well. I was much more pleased with him then Dr. Smith. My next appointment is October 7th at 11am. I get to have the Beta Strep Culture taken. Not looking forward to that at all.

Tomorrow Nathan and I meet with the baby's Pediatrician, Dr. Whittenberg.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Details of Baby Shower #1

My MIL Darlene threw me a baby shower at her church yesterday. It was 2-4pm. I was so excited!! My Mom and Korey met me at my house and then we rode over to the church. Its that it was only 5 minutes from my house (or less). We got there 10 minutes early and I was surprised at how many people were there. There was maybe 15 people there. I wasn't expecting many to show up.

The fellowship hall was decorated beautifully. Darlene printed out some of my belly pictures and placed them under glass on a table. Then she had a vase of silk Gerber Daisies that were from our wedding sitting on top. It was so pretty. There was a very nice spread of food on the table. There was some very cute cupcakes that had baby booties piped on them. Debbie (friend of family) made a baby carriage out of a watermelon and other fruit. It was so neat!

Darlene pinned on my corsage which had a lot of sentimental value. The main part of the corsage was Nathan's Baby Rattle. Darlene actually wore it as part of her corsage at her baby shower (Nathan was born 6 weeks premature & was at his own baby shower). I thought that was so sweet.

I was so excited about opening presents. I was given the go ahead on opening them. Kay (Nathan's cousin) handed me the gifts and Breanne wrote down the gifts I received. There was so many ADORABLE baby things. I couldn't believe how many clothes we got. Opening up all of those presents made it more real to me that we are indeed having a baby BOY.

During the middle of opening gifts Jackie (Christopher's boss) came in. She said she needed help with her gift. My eyes about bugged out when I saw the HUGE gift that was being brought to me. On top of it was a cute stuffed Tigger Rattle. I took off the HUGE bag and inside was the Travel System. I was shocked, because that's a huge pricey gift. Jackie and her cousin when in on it together. I was ecstatic.

I took a break from all the gifts and was served yummy food and punch. I couldn't eat all my food because the baby was laying a weird way. Then it was back to opening presents. When I finally finished opening presents it was time for cleanup.

So many people were shocked when they found out I'm 33 weeks along. They figured I was maybe 6 months. I got so many compliments on how wonderful I look. Everyone told me I obviously have only gained in the front. Lets just say I did a lot of blushing with all the compliments.

We were so blessed with all the gifts from everyone. I can't believe how well everything turned out. In total there may have been 30 people that showed up. It was a great turnout. I do have lots of pictures to share. Korey was my photographer. Darlene was able to take some too. I still have to get those from her.

Here's the list of everything we were given:
1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Soother
2. 7 Piece Healthcare Organizer
3. Baby Einstein Links
4. 3-pack Hooded Towels
5. Stuffed Giraffe
6. 2-pack Pacifiers with case
7. Doggy Baby Booties
8. 3 6-pack washcloths
9. American Redcross Deluxe Baby Healthcare & Grooming Kit
10. Teddy Bear Hat
11. Knitted/Crocheted Hat
12. Pair of Monkey Socks
13. Carter's Hooded Alligator Towel
14. Gerber Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set
15. Carter's 6 piece gift set (Ducky Hooded Towel, 2 Washcloths, 3 Bath Toys)
16. Baby Picture Frame
17. Shadowbox Handprint Kit
18. 3 Fresh Friends Air Fresheners
19. 3-pack Johnson's Baby Oil
20. Carter's Deluxe Brag Book
21. 2-packs of Baby Wipes
22. Baby Powder
23. Lavender Bedtime Baby Oil Gel
24. Oatmeal Wash & Shampoo
25. Johnson's First Touch: Desitin, Cotton Swabs, Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, & Baby Shampoo
26. Stuffed Tigger Rattle
27. Baby Tea Cup
28. Baby's First Christmas Ornament
29. 2 Bottle Brushes
30. Pair of Infant Shoes
31. Newborn Cap & Booties
32. Gerber Cap, Booties, & Mittens Set
33. Gerber Booties
34. 2-Pair Mittens
35. 2 Crocheted Blankets
36. Carter's Stuffed Puppy Dog
37. Gerber 5-Pack Onesies 3-6 months
38. Carters 2-Pack Bodysuits 3-6 months
39. 2 Waterproof Multi-Use Pads
40. 3-Pack Sports Burp Cloths
41. Fisher-Price Wipes Travel Case
42. Baby Tweety Rattle
43. Winnie the Poo Pacifier Attacher
44. Sassy Diaper Sacks
45. 2 Pack Pacifiers
46. First Years Comfort Care All-In-One Bathing Brush (Cradle Cap Brush, Soft Sponge, Liquid Dispenser)
47. Munchkin 2-Pack Hot Cling Shades
48. Safety 1st Nail Clippers
49. Infantino Wrist Rattles
50. 4-Pack Wash Cloths
51. 2 Wash Cloths
52. 10 Pack Blue Infant & Toddler Hangers
53. Carter's 5-Pack Newborn Puppy Dog Bodysuits
54. Soft Blue Polka Dotted Blanket
55. Carter's Daddy's Champ Fleece Blanket
56. Circo Blue Polka Dotted Blanket
57. Carter's Soft Baby Blue Blanket "Thank heaven for baby boys"
58. 2 Crocheted Baby Blankets
59. Hand-made Tag Blanket from Grandma
60. Hand-made Blanket from Grandma
61. $120 in cash
62. $55 in Target Gift Cards
63. 2 Newborn Outfits
64. 8 0-3month Outfits (some with bibs)
65. 1 0-6month Outfit
66. 9 3month Outfits
67. 7 3-6month Outfits (some with bibs)
68. 8 6-9month Outfts (some with bibs)
69. 1 12month Outfit
70. Carter's Ducky Hooded Robe 0-9months
71. Winnie the Pooh Bath Robe Sack
72. Hello Teddy Hat
73. Graco Quattro Tour Travel System - Catalina
74. Teddy Bear Figurine
75. The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn-to-Toddler Tub
76. Fisher-Price Rainforest Bath Center

I'll try to post pictures soon. I have my 33 week check up tomorrow. I'm curious to see if I've gained any weight or not.

Belly Pics below.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

32 & 33 weeks

I've been gone on vacation for a week and am now back home. I thought I'd catch up on my belly pics. These pictures were taken at Edisto Island, SC.

32 weeks

33 weeks

As of now I'm getting way more uncomfortable. Mostly when I've been sitting down and then get up. Its worse at night. I get really sore in my pelvic area and have to be very careful when standing up.

I can no longer wear my wedding rings. It saddens me. I can put them on sometimes but I can't always get them off. Today I had to use lotion to get them off. I may start wearing them on a chain around my neck. I feel naked without them.

I've been complaining for a while about how my heartburn has gotten so bad. After being woken up by it my first night on vacation I decided to start something new. Every night before bed I take several huge spoonfuls of Maalox and eat 2 tums. I'm starting to get sick of it but its helping me through the night. Sleep is so important.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I have my first baby shower. :) I'm so stoked! Tuesday I have my 33 week check up. Thursday Nathan and I meet with the Pediatrician. The cool thing is our baby will have the same Pediatrician his Daddy, Uncle, and Aunt had.

I'll be updating soon about the shower and doctor appointments.

Friday, September 12, 2008

31 weeks

I'm actually 32 weeks now but I never did get to post about 31 weeks. Unfortunately I never got around to getting my pictures taken. I was either too tired or not feeling well.

During week 31 I've gotten a lot more sore in my pelvic area. There are times now where it hurts to walk. Its even worse at night when I'm trying to sleep and have to roll over. Well, rolling over is already a task anyways. Baby Gary likes to put way MORE pressure on my bladder to the point of being in pain. So every time I roll over at night I feel like I have to pee. Needless to say my sleeping schedule has been out of whack.

Later this morning we will be leaving for Edisto Beach, SC. Please pray we have a safe trip. I plan on having my 32 & 33 week pictures taken there. I'll post again sometime after the 20th. The 21st I'll be having my first baby shower. I'm so excited!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

30 week 5 day Prenatal Appointment

I had my 30 week 5 day prenatal appointment this morning at 10:30. It went very well. Whenever the nurse weighed me I asked her how much I gained. She informed me that I actually lost weight (not sure how much). I couldn't hardly believe it. I really thought that I gained several pounds since my belly is getting bigger. My blood pressure was practically perfect it was 110/60.

I saw the Nurse Practitioner today. She is so great. I wish she delivered babies. When she first came into the room she asked, "What did you have for breakfast?". I told her I had pancakes with syrup. She said that explained why they found sugar in my urine. She said she was expecting to hear that I had a whole box of donuts. She was glad that's what caused it. If it wasn't that then I would have had to have blood taken. I'll just remember not to eat anything that sweet next visit. She listened to his heart beat and it was so strong. His bpm is in the 150s. He's doing great. She measured me from under my boobs to the bottom and I'm 31 cm. I grew 1 cm. All in all it was a good visit and I got my questions answered.

I still need to schedule a consultation with the Pediatrician. I want to talk to him about vaccinations.

Nathan's birthday was on Tuesday. He turned 24. :) His Mom took a couple pictures of us together. It was getting dark when she took them but I thought they turned out well. We need more pictures together. I look even more round than I did Saturday. Its so amazing to see I'm changing faster now.

Today I stopped at the Recycled Reader (local used bookstore) and Ann (the owner) surprised me with this adorable gift:
I thought about putting it on his dresser (well when he has one) with a cute little monkey (since we're doing a jungle theme) in it. One day I'd like to get a cute wagon that I can pull him around in. :)