Friday, September 12, 2008

31 weeks

I'm actually 32 weeks now but I never did get to post about 31 weeks. Unfortunately I never got around to getting my pictures taken. I was either too tired or not feeling well.

During week 31 I've gotten a lot more sore in my pelvic area. There are times now where it hurts to walk. Its even worse at night when I'm trying to sleep and have to roll over. Well, rolling over is already a task anyways. Baby Gary likes to put way MORE pressure on my bladder to the point of being in pain. So every time I roll over at night I feel like I have to pee. Needless to say my sleeping schedule has been out of whack.

Later this morning we will be leaving for Edisto Beach, SC. Please pray we have a safe trip. I plan on having my 32 & 33 week pictures taken there. I'll post again sometime after the 20th. The 21st I'll be having my first baby shower. I'm so excited!


  1. :) I can't wait to see pics! You're lil' man is getting ready to make his way into this world! EEE!!

  2. Yay Vacation! and Yay my nephew! I'm sorry you aren't sleeping as well! I'm excited for little man to get here!

  3. I'm sure when the little guy presses on your bladder, you're very thankful that you have less than two months left. ;)

  4. I LURVE your new blog layout! Seriously it's so beautiful...where did you get it!?!

    Also you look so great and pretty and glowey in all of your pictures! Only 8 weeks to go! AHHHH!