Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pediatrician Consult

Our appointment with Dr. Whittenberg went really well. It was funny when he first came into the office and recognized Nathan. For the one's who don't know, Dr. Whittenberg was Nathan's Pediatrician and his siblings as well.

Nathan was born 6 weeks premature. Sometime after he was home his Mom went to check on him and found him turning blue. She gave him CPR and immediately took him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with SIDS. Thank God it was caught in time. They put him on a monitor that made sure he kept breathing. If he stopped breathing during his sleep an alarm would go off. That way it woke him up and his parents up. Since he went through all of that his parents had the same monitor hooked up to his siblings when they were born. Just in case we are going to do the same thing for our son. We feel like our son won't have that problem but we won't to take every precaution we can. Dr. Whittenberg agreed that its a good idea to do this.

We also discussed immunization. Nathan and I have been discussing possibly holding off vaccinations for 2 years. Nathan asked him what his opinion was on delaying vaccinations. Of course I already knew the answer to that. He did say he was against delaying them. However, he told us that whatever we decide is all up to us, because it is our child. We raise him however we want to raise. If we choose to delay his vaccinations he said that he wouldn't think any different of us, because its our decision. I was very happy with his response. He's a very genuine man. I understand now why Nathan's parents like him so much. Nathan and I still have more research to do. Most importantly we need to continue to pray about what we need to do.

We also talked about circumcision. I know there are some against it, but we are going through with it. Dr. Whittenberg will the one who does the procedure.

Dr. Whittenberg was also telling us how we may get bombarded with visitors at the hospital and home once baby is here. He mentioned how at the hospital I plan on giving birth at no longer has set visiting hours. I already knew that from a friend of mine who gave birth there. She set her own visiting hours with her 2nd baby. I told him about that and how I plan on doing the same. He said its the best thing to do. He said the last thing I need is to be even more exhausted because of all the visitors coming and going. He also was saying how once we get home somebody needs to put there foot down if too many visitors come over. He said me and baby needs to get plenty of rest. He said there is no reason why me or the baby should ever be woken just because visitors come by. I really liked what he had to say on that. I had already made my mind up that if I became overwhelmed from everyone coming over that I may lock myself and the baby in the bedroom.

As we were about to leave he was telling me how if I ever have any questions I can always call there. He also told me if I ever feel like my baby isn't gaining weight like he should I can call up there and go get him weighed, free of charge. I thought that was so nice. I think I'm going to like going there.

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  1. Well I'm glad you liked the doctor. It's sweet that it was Nathan's childhood pediatrician. I hope it doesn't come to you locking yourself in the room with the baby!