Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life changing

I should be taking a nap with Grayson right now since he's asleep, but I'm not. He's asleep on my chest and all I want to do is watch him sleep. Its the most precious thing. Earlier he was making the cutest noises. I should seriously be sleeping. I keep telling myself he won't be this small for long so enjoy it now. I don't want to regret not taking time to enjoy the small things with him.

Grayson has been so much fun to watch. He's smiling more now. Sometimes he will actually smile back at you. I love it! There have been times where his smile has brought tears to my eyes. I get so overwhelmed with the love that I have for him that I can't help but cry.

He has been making some of the cutest sounds such as arrrgh(like a little pirate) and grrr. He usually follows those sounds with a smile or a smirk. I hope to catch it on video one day. He's doing so great at holding his head up longer. Its amazing that he's been doing that since the day he was born. The difference now is that he's not near as wobbly. He does get a bit wobbly if he's been holding his head up for a longer period of time. Yesterday I laid him on his play mat for tummy time. I moved his arms to help him be propped up. He did great at holding his head up. I tried to get a video but it died. Later last night while Nathan was holding him, he used his arms to push off of Nathan. Grayson had himself propped up on his Daddy for a good 5 minutes. He's used arms before but this was different. My boy is growing up! He will be 2 months old next Tuesday.

Grayson has also chuckled some. There have been times where it seems like he is laughing at me. Especially if I've done something not so smart. :)

One of the funniest things about him is how much gas he has. I know I sound terribly childish perhaps but its hilarious. You may be sitting there holding him having this tender moment and then all you hear is this loud roar. I never knew something so loud could come out of somebody so small. He passes gas like a champ. Those stretches really bring it out. I catch myself giggling when he passes gas while nursing. I laugh even harder when he hikes up his leg and lets one rip. If he only knew. Then again I do have a boy. haha

There have been times now where he will beat on me while nursing. It was funny at first but now its starting to hurt. Okay I still laugh some. He seriously has little hands of furry. He's always moving. He's going to be so active when he grows up. Heck when he starts crawling I probably won't be able to even catch up with him. Sometimes I wonder if he will pass crawling and go right to walking. Whenever he's being held upright he will use those legs and hold himself up. He's climbed up me a few times. He's so strong. Its unbelievable.

Motherhood is life changing. Its the best feeling in the whole world!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Family Picture

We had our first official family photo taken December 6th. Grayson had some adorable 1 month photos taken too. I had him in his First Christmas outfit. I had originally planned on doing Christmas cards and putting our family photo in it. However, I've had no time to do it. So.....

Merry Christmas from the Gary's!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cookie extravaganza

Wow it has been forever since I've posted anything here.

This Saturday my Mom and SIL Korey are coming over to bake cookies. We started this new tradition last year. Our hubbies like it. Especially mine. Last year Nathan was on call so that meant he was home the whole time. He enjoyed eating cookies straight out of the oven. This year he is on call again and probably will do the same. I've chosen to make a couple batches of Magic Cookie Bars. The recipe is in the post below. I'm not sure if I'll be trying another recipe or not. During all of this I'll be taking care of my infant son. I'm eager to find out what recipes my Mom and Korey choose. I plan on taking pictures and hope to post them here.

Let the baking begin!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Month

Our little Grayson is already a month old. Time sure has flown by. He has changed so much. When he was born he weighed 9lbs 2oz. When we left the hospital he weighed 8lbs 11oz. He had his 1 week wellness check on November 13th. He was down to 8lbs 9oz. Dr. Whittenberg said he looked great. Here's some pictures from his first appointment:

He wasn't too happy about this.

Dr. Whittenberg holding Grayson.

Grayson's 2 week wellness check was November 20th. It was also the day I was able to start driving again. He gained 1/2oz in a week. When the nurse measured him she said he was 20 3/4 inches long. Which is weird because the hospital measured him at 21 1/2 inches long. She said they always get different measurements than they do. Weird. I still need to try measuring him myself. While we were there he went there he went through several diapers. At one point he started spraying everywhere. lol That's a boy for ya.

You can see his cute little belly button. His umbilical cord fell off the night before.

Notice anything out of the ordinary? Perhaps the huge wet spot. He some how leaked out of his diaper as I was taking his picture. I noticed the wet spot through my view finder.

Grayson had his 1 month wellness check on December 4th. He is now back up to his birth weight 9lbs 2oz. The nurse measured him and he was 21 1/2 inches long. The doctor checked him over and said he looked great. That's exactly what I like to hear.

Grayson now will follow you with his eyes, at time's sounds like he's trying to talk to you, grab onto you, and smiles often when he's awake. I've probably missed something. One not so good thing he's doing is not sleeping well through the night. Right now he has his days and nights mixed up. There's the update on my little boy.

Friday, December 5, 2008

About the monitor

I know some of you were wondering why we had to have an apnea monitor. I wrote several months back how we were getting one because Nathan had SIDS. We wanted to take precautions and get one just in case. I thought it was called a SIDS monitor but its actually an apnea monitor. When hooked up to the machine it will make a loud sound if he stops breathing. I'm praying that never happens.

It was hard leaving Grayson last night. I started crying immediately after I got back in the car. I was able to pull myself together and get to the Red Cross for my certification. It went well. I missed one question and passed with a 90. I'm officially certified in infant CPR. They gave us a book and some cards. They are good refreshers. I was thrilled that we finished up early. I hurried to the in-laws. As soon as I got through the door I went over and got my baby. Best feeling in the world.

Someone will be coming out on Monday with the monitor. They would have today but the guy whose supposed to bring it was out today.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Leaving my baby

When Grayson was born he was supposed to have received an Apnea monitor(for SIDS just in case he has it). Nobody ever brought us one. I talked to the pediatrician about it and he said he'd take care of it. Then recently I found out I was supposed to call my insurance company to find out what companies they cover. I talked to a insurance representative on Tuesday. The man acted like had no clue about the issue. He came across some companies and numbers for me. As soon as I got off the phone with him I called the doctors office to give the nurse the info.

Wednesday morning I got several phone calls from the nurse. The good news is we should be getting the monitor soon. Then later I found out in order to get the monitor I had to be certified in infant CPR. It would have been nice if I was told that before Grayson was born. I spent rest of the day searching online for places that offer infant CPR. I finally found one that isn't too far and wasn't full. The class is tonight 6pm-9:30pm and costed $45. That means I will be away from my son for 4 1/2 hours (that includes the time it will take to get there and back). I have no choice but to leave him with his grandparents until Nathan gets home. The idea of leaving him breaks my heart. I keep telling myself that this is all for him. I pray I don't break down when I leave. In order to get prepared for me being gone for several hours, I'm trying to pump enough milk to sustain him. I pray I get enough.

Next Friday is Nathan's work Christmas party. He wants me to go so bad. I want to go but I didn't won't to leave Grayson. I had planned on taking him with me, but his boss insinuated it wasn't a good idea. Nathan still wants me to go. I'm going to see how tonight goes before I make my decision about going. If I do go then he will be staying with his Uncle Franklin(that is if he isn't working) and Aunt Korey. They don't live far from Nathan's work (where the party will be held). If I go then I plan on going in late and leaving early. I'd actually be away from him less time then I would be tonight. I'll have to see how things go. This whole leaving my son thing isn't going to be a regular habit. I always want him to be near. Its one thing if he's in another room but to be miles away from me. I need strength.

Back to the monitor. Once I receive my certification tonight I will call the doctors office in the morning and they will contact the company. Then someone is going to bring it out to my house and show me how it works. I have to give them a copy of my certification. Lets just pray I never have to use CPR on Grayson and that he never has SIDS.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Losing weight

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments. I get so many compliments about how I look great for just having a baby from people in every day life. I probably blush every time. To be honest I do weigh less than I did before I got pregnant. I can actually fit into jeans that I haven't been able to wear in over a year. Its amazing! I was very blessed to only gain about 12 pounds during my pregnancy. I was pretty much all baby. Breast-feeding has also helped me lose weight. Another one of its benefits. :)

On another note, Grayson went to his first church service Sunday night. We had planned on going that morning but we overslept. Grayson decided to sleep well and we took advantage of that. He did great at church. He was awake some but mostly slept. He does very well with noise. We go to a pentecostal church so its not quite by any means.

I was going to write more but Grayson is actually falling asleep now. That means its time for me to get some rest.