Thursday, September 4, 2008

30 week 5 day Prenatal Appointment

I had my 30 week 5 day prenatal appointment this morning at 10:30. It went very well. Whenever the nurse weighed me I asked her how much I gained. She informed me that I actually lost weight (not sure how much). I couldn't hardly believe it. I really thought that I gained several pounds since my belly is getting bigger. My blood pressure was practically perfect it was 110/60.

I saw the Nurse Practitioner today. She is so great. I wish she delivered babies. When she first came into the room she asked, "What did you have for breakfast?". I told her I had pancakes with syrup. She said that explained why they found sugar in my urine. She said she was expecting to hear that I had a whole box of donuts. She was glad that's what caused it. If it wasn't that then I would have had to have blood taken. I'll just remember not to eat anything that sweet next visit. She listened to his heart beat and it was so strong. His bpm is in the 150s. He's doing great. She measured me from under my boobs to the bottom and I'm 31 cm. I grew 1 cm. All in all it was a good visit and I got my questions answered.

I still need to schedule a consultation with the Pediatrician. I want to talk to him about vaccinations.

Nathan's birthday was on Tuesday. He turned 24. :) His Mom took a couple pictures of us together. It was getting dark when she took them but I thought they turned out well. We need more pictures together. I look even more round than I did Saturday. Its so amazing to see I'm changing faster now.

Today I stopped at the Recycled Reader (local used bookstore) and Ann (the owner) surprised me with this adorable gift:
I thought about putting it on his dresser (well when he has one) with a cute little monkey (since we're doing a jungle theme) in it. One day I'd like to get a cute wagon that I can pull him around in. :)


  1. You look so round! More so than before! It's amazing to me! And that is the cutest little wagon EVER!

  2. That is such a cute wagon!! I'm glad to hear the appt went well.

  3. That wagon is adorable! I'm glad the visit went well. I can't believe how close you're getting!!

  4. You look so great and cute!!!!! :) I love those pics Adrian! You are glowing! Awwww what a cute wagon!! Not much longer!!

  5. such an adorable pregnant couple pic - the love is evident...congrats on the good appt and little tykes used to make a good wagon (back in the 80's or so when mine were young!)

  6. That wagon is great! It'd be perfect for sweet photos! You are looking fantastic!

  7. I'm glad the appointment went well. :) You're looking great - I can't believe he's almost here!

    And that is an adorable wagon!