Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Doctor Visit

Today was the day for my next check up. The nurse took me to one room to weigh me and check my blood pressure. I asked her how much weight have I gained since my last visit She surprised me by telling me I actually have lost 3 pounds. I asked her how was that possible because I feel like my appetite has increased (again). She mentioned about how I probably eat in small increments. She said, "Don't worry you will gain it all back plus more". Then she told me my blood pressure was 150/82. She said the top was high, but its nothing to worry about.

I was taken to another room to talk to the Nurse Practitioner. She asked me if I was feeling the baby yet. I told her that I have since I was 16wks and 1 day. I told her that I feel a lot more fluttering throughout today. So far we're having an active baby. She let me hear the baby's heartbeat. It was so strong. :) The baby's heartbeat was 147-149 bpm. Baby is doing great.

Then I talked to her about all the problems I've been dealing with. I talked about the headaches. We both be believe that its a combination of sinuses and pregnancy hormones. For now I'm going to continue to take the medicine for sinuses and see what happens. I got a better idea of what is okay to take as well. I told her about my bad gas that gives me chest pains. Basically I just need to stick to taking Gas-X as soon as I feel the pressure. I told her how I've been feeling like my lower back and hips have been feeling like they were dislocating from each other. It mostly happened when I'd get up from sitting down. Then it would be a weird popping sensation. I also told her about the nerve in my hip that has been effecting my walking when getting up. She said all that is normal. She said that usually your bones soften up as the baby expands. That way you can carry the load. She also said that my uterus is getting bigger and is probably pressing down on a nerve. Really there's nothing she can do about it. She did give me a pamphlet on ways to stretch out my back. That should help some. I really need to buy that prenatal yoga dvd.

Before I left she took my blood pressure again. It was 120/70. She said it was almost perfect. I was very happy and relieved. I was laughing earlier and that could have made it go up. Either way I'm glad its better now.

I was so happy to be able to make the next appointment. My next visit is scheduled for June 25th at 10:45am. That's the day we find out what we are having!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeek I'm so happy!! I can hardly wait!!!!

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  1. Yay! I am so happy you are doing well! I can't wait for your next appointment! *I want to know if I"m right* Either way, healthy is all that matters! I <3 ya!