Monday, June 16, 2008

19 week and 1 day pictures

Darlene took these pictures late yesterday evening. They are much darker than I hoped, but they turned out alright.

I don't feel like in pictures my baby bump looks that big. Different times of the day I look bigger. The baby moves all the time and is in different positions. Its weird and amazing all at the same time. While we were at my parents house yesterday I felt the baby punch extra hard and I actually yelped out loud. This was while Korey was telling us about something. A little bit later I felt a hard kick and yelped again. It was so funny.

I've already been thinking about how I'm going to miss all these kicks/punches once the baby is here. I'm trying to cherish every moment of my pregnancy. Nothing can compare to the feelings I've experienced so far. It truly is a blessing.

Next Wednesday, June 25th we get to find out the sex of the baby!! We're both so excited. Hopefully after next Wednesday we can start looking at baby names again.

Yesterday was Nathan's first Father's Day (to-be). Whenever he woke up I gave him a card and a book about why God made Dad's. He loved it. Korey and Franklin gave him a movie and a really sweet card that had our picture on it. :)

Here's a picture of Nathan holding the presents his family gave him. It was so sweet.


  1. Nathan looks excited about the bibs! Haha. It was AWESOME when the baby kicked, the baby obviously already loves it's Aunt Korey! I <3 you!

  2. Thanks! And thanks for all of the tips!

  3. I love your belly pics! You are so cute. That's sweet about the stuff you got Nathan for Father's Day. You two are going to be great parents.