Monday, January 11, 2010

Day Seven thru Day Eleven: Project 365

I had to go back to the dermatologist to be cut on again. This is one of my bandages.

I received these lovely gifts from my friends Cody & Adrienne. They came over with their little girl for supper and to exchange late Christmas presents.

My suture.

I went to see New Moon with Adrienne. We had so much fun. The movie was really good too.I think I like it better than the first one. :)

This is the book I am currently reading. I'm reading it for a book club. So far its really interesting.


  1. I'm sure you don't want to hear this but your stitches look good :) No redness, smooth and neat ;)

  2. Your stitches do look great. I can't wait to get started in the book club. My book is in the mail now.