Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 Month Check Up

Grayson turned 2 months old last Tuesday. So hard to believe. He had his 2 month check up last Thursday. I was curious to find out how much he weighed. I was guessing 10lbs 5oz. I was off. Grayson weighs 11lbs 7 oz. I couldn't believe how big he's gotten. He's now 23 inches long and his head measures 15 3/4". He's in the 42 percentile for his weight, 52% for his length, and 50% for his head. He's doing great. Dr. Whittenberg said I was doing a great job.

Grayson will follow you on a regular basis now with his eyes. He smiles even more now. Those smiles make my day. I love to see his dimples while he smiles. From time to time he will chuckle or squeal. I love it! There are time's where Nathan will sit Grayson on his chest and talk to him. Grayson will smile and squeal in delight. He likes to talk back to you. He tries so hard to get his point across. Its adorable. Grayson love's it when we let him stand. Sometimes he will be so upset but if you stand him up he will calm down. He grabs things more often now such as my neck. Boy is that painful. He is so strong! Early this morning I laid him on his boppy. He was propped up but the rest of his body was lying flat. I left the room for a second and then I heard him crying out. I went back to the room and noticed he was on his tummy. I realized that he rolled over!!! I was so surprised. I hollered for Nathan to come look. Since we were in there Grayson calmed down and started to laugh. After a few minutes of us watching him, he started getting upset again. Sometime after Grayson turned a month old he started to really find his hands. He loves his hands. He can hardly keep them out of his mouth. He almost put his whole hand in his mouth recently. Its really funny when he tries to put both hands in his mouth and realizes they won't fit. He did that recently and made the funniest noises. Grayson is doing so well and growing so fast. Here's some pictures:

The first three pictures are from the day he turned 2 months old.

His belly looks so big in this picture.

I love love this picture of him!

I love how it look's like he wants to give me kisses.

Grayson with my Dad. He was getting upset because he was ready to eat.

Grayson talking to his Aunt Korey.


  1. Aww I am glad Grayson is doing so well!!! He is so cute,Adrian! :) You look great still!!

  2. Sounds like things are great! Time is flying by!! I think it looks like he has your eyes :) He is so handsome.

  3. He is getting SO big! I really like those pictures. He looks so much like Nathan. What a handsome boy!

  4. These are all such beautiful pictures, your boy is so cute!!!