Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 Months Old

Grayson turned 3 months on February 6th. Where has the time gone?! He's growing so fast. I'm guessing he weighs around 13-14lbs now. I measured him the other day and he's around 25 inches long now.

On Tuesday I was clapping really loudly and Grayson was watching my hands so intently. Whenever I stopped clapping he put his hands together like he was going to try. It was so cute. He try's to mimic sometimes. He recently started coughing. Sometimes he will pretend he's coughing and then look at you. He loves to lay under his play gym and grab his toys hanging from it. He chews on his fingers all the time now. He always stuffs his clothes, bibs, and a few other things in his mouth to chew on. He grabs more at his toys. He also follows me. Sometimes it doesn't matter whose around he will just stare at me. :)

Here's some pictures and a video of my sweet little boy.

This is my new favorite picture of him.


  1. He is SUCH an adorable boy!!!

    Ha, I love it when they do the fake cough thing. I had completely forgot about that! So cute and funny.

  2. *swoon* he is darling!!! I love your new favorite photo, I think it's mine too! He is just too too cute!

    Happy 3 month birthday Grayson!

  3. He's so cute! That second picture of him with his lion and monkey he looks SO much like Nathan. It's like mini-Nathan. Haha. It is crazy that he is getting so big. When I graduate he'll almost be 2 (yikes!).

  4. Oh my he is so darn cute!!! Gosh I miss Daniel being that young now. You're gonna make me cry lol