Monday, March 22, 2010

Amazing weekend

My weekend was wonderful. It went by way too fast!! It started off by Melody coming down Friday afternoon. Once she arrived we dropped Grayson off with my Mom. Then we headed downtown to get a bite to eat. We stopped by Luna Rosa for a Panini & Gelato. Then we were saddened to find out they were no longer serving lunch at that time. Truth was we got there 10-15 minutes before the cut off time & they didn't want to be bothered to make anything for us. So rude. Oh well. We left & went next door to Wild Wings.
Melody waiting for her food at Wild Wings.

After we were filled with food we walked around & went into several shops.

We stopped for a quick picture that resulted in a lot of laughter.

Checking out an Art Gallery.

Enjoying the wall art.

Everyone needs a colorful personalized flask. Mine would have coffee in it. ;)

It was a lovely day to be walking downtown. Before going home we stopped by Luna Rosa again to have some gelato. We both got Caramel Latte Crunch & Irish Coffee. Oh wow! It was so good!

My gelato. Looked better before I attacked it.

Saturday morning Melody & I hit the road. We were meeting our long time friend, Stef, in Charlotte, NC. It was so exciting knowing were going to finally meet her in person after all this time. We met Stef at CVS. It was unreal! She was even prettier in person! At one point she said, "Its so weird seeing you all in 3D!" lol After we got over the initial shock of meeting each other, we walked to a few shops.

Pretty mosaic work.

We stopped in a vintage shop & another shop that sold a variety of items from many different cultures. They both were pretty awesome. I regret now not buying some handmade musical instruments from the second shop I mentioned. My favorite was a wooden frog that came with a small mallet you used to rub up & down its back. Grayson would have loved it. I have no idea why I didn't go ahead & buy it. One day I'm going back.

We were getting hungry so we went to Intermezzo Pizzeria for lunch. The service was extremely slow but we were having a great time chatting. It was great to sit & really talk. The conversation just flowed & it felt like we always get together for lunch.
Stef as pretty as always. ;)

Our yummy food.

After we ate we went across the street to the Salvation Army. We tested out some couches. :) We found one that we all really liked. If it had a love seat I would have bought it! I dream about having matching furniture. haha

Stef & her lovely south western shirt.

Melody found one too. haha

One of our first pictures of the three of us. I set my self timer & sat my camera on the shelf. A little out of focus but still cute.

We headed to another shop. It was so cute. So many things I would have loved to buy if I had the money. Oh well, we had a lot of fun looking through everything. I think we had the most fun when we found a bunch of hats. I pretty much laughed so hard I cried. I tend to do that. When I start I can't stop. Many can vouch to that.

So there's a chicken on my head.

Damsel in distress!

Ooo I saw me a leprechaun!

The three Amigas.

Oh no its attacking Melody!

I love this canvas. I also love how it looks with Melody holding it.

Before we left Charlotte, we stopped at Central Coffee. Had some yummy coffee and chatted for a while longer. It was so hard to part ways. Before we left we took a couple of pictures.

We had to take a silly one. I really should have made a different face. haha

It was awesome meeting Stef! She is super sweet & so incredibly funny. Her passion for the Lord is very admirable. I enjoyed hearing her talking about Him. We had a fantastic time! However, it went way too fast. We're already talking about meeting up again in September. It would be great if we can plan something else in between now & then.

Sunday consisted of a wonderful church service, lunch a Milanos, a knitting session, and sad goodbyes as Melody had to go home. I enjoyed our time together so much. It also went way too fast. We took a few pictures before she headed out.

Such a lovely weekend.


  1. sounds like a wonderful time!

    i LOVE your leprechaun face!! hahahaha. you should go around making that face all the time!

  2. Aww that sounds so great Adrian!!! I bet Stef was very fun to be around! They all look lovely!! The pictures are great too! You look SO great!!!! :)

  3. It sounds amazing! I laughed so hard when I saw the chicken hat and read your caption, "so there's a chicken on my head" hahahaha. Love it! You all look lovely! Thanks for posting all the pics. I really enjoyed them :)

  4. Wow...It really does sound like quite an amazing weekend!!! :-)

    I LOVE that canvas too!

    Your pictures just show so much fun...... you definitely had a great time. It shows :-)

  5. :)It looks like you guys had a blast!