Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bean Bags

Last week I had some time alone to sew. I hadn't sewn since sometime last year. Not sure if I ever blogged about it but I made curtains my living room. Of course I had a LOT of help from my MIL and Grandma. They did majority of the cutting while I did most of the sewing. That was my first real project.

Nathan bought me a Singer 247 from an auction last Christmas. Its so nice. He had gotten it serviced. It is also attached to a sewing table. It took me a short time to put the bobbin in and get the main thread threaded. I had a hard time getting the needle to pick up the thread from the bobbin. After about 5-10 minutes it was ready to be used. Then I had to decide what to make. I found the leftover strip of fabric from the bottom of my nursing cover. The strip was two different fabric's sewed on the bottom. I decided they would make the perfect bean bags.

The finished product. I placed the pieces of fabric wrong side out and began sewing up all the sides except one. I turned it right side out then filled it with rice since that's what I had on hand. Then I rolled the rough edges inside and sewed it up. I know there's probably a better method but it was my first time doing that.

Grayson loves them! One of the best things I could have ever made him. It didn't cost anything since I had everything on hand.

The opposite side.

I'm still working on sewing straight lines.

I plan on making some more soon but this time I plan on measuring. I'd like to make them for my friends son Rylie. His birthday is next month and I know he'd enjoy them. I need to look in my fabric stash to see what I have. Although it will give me an excuse to go buy more fabric. ;)


  1. Those are super cute!! :) I would love to learn to sew more!

  2. One never needs an excuse to buy fabric ;-). These are really cute. I love your photography of them too. BTW, your lines look just fine to me. There's almost nothing in this world sewn completely straight. With practice, you'll get used to your style and skills. I'm glad you had some sewing time to yourself.

  3. Congratulations, Adrian! You won the giveaway over at The Hippie Housewife. Contact me at c.m.muilen[at]gmail[dot]com to claim your prize!