Monday, June 7, 2010

Lesson 1: Aperture

I had fun playing around with the aperture & getting the background blurred. I plan to play around using my zoom lens next time to see the difference. These pictures were taken outside in the natural light. These are the pictures I posted for my homework assignments.

The bunny who usually hangs out in my yard.

The lovely yarn I'm currently knitting with & a pair of my favorite needles.

I've never been good at taking pictures indoors with no flash. After reading in my manual & reading the info for this lesson I can now take some pretty decent pictures with no flash. I still have a long ways to go though.

Had some fun taking random pictures. :)
Not the greatest pic of me but I loved how the color turned out. My freckles actually look like freckles & not zits. haha

I adore this picture of my sweet boy loving on me. Can't get much better than that.

*dreamy sighs*

Sunday I decided to take pictures at my back door to see how the lighting made a difference. As you can tell I had too much fun.

Lesson 2 is about Shutter Speed & Lesson 3 is about Lighting. My next assignment is to experiment with lighting. Should be fun!


  1. :-) Looks like you are learning. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Of course, I really love the pic of your yarn and needles. You should bring your camera on Friday to take pics in the city.

  2. Looks fun! I love the first pic of you in the purple :) And I like the bunny one too!

  3. Fun! I think I like the lighting in the very last picture the best.

  4. It sounds like that e-class is going really well :) I love the pics of you :) So pretty!