Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Boy

Nathan and I have been talking about getting Grayson a big boy bed for what seems like forever. We decided on a twin size bed since it will last longer than a toddler bed. Recently he tried out his toddler bed at his Nana and Papa's. The boy loved it!! So we knew we had to get him a bed soon.

Yesterday after lunch we stopped by a furniture store and bought a twin size mattress set. Before that I had stopped to buy a mattress cover in case of accidents. Thankfully Nathan's parents already had a twin size bed frame. It used to belong to Nathan's great-Grandma. As soon as we got home we got everything set up. We still have to take down the crib. Its currently pushed to the other side of his room (Nathan has to make room in the attic).

Grayson was SO excited!! He was ready to test it out. We bought a bed rail that is almost as long as the bed. It gives us peace of mind with him sleeping in such a big bed. We installed it after these pictures were taken. :)

I love his bedding even more now that's it out of the bag. I bought it on sale months ago from Kohls. Originally it wasn't the bedding I was going for but it was a steal of a deal. Good thing is the comforter is reversible and is striped like the bed skirt. In the picture above you can see the adorable sheets.

Even though he has dinosaur bedding I haven't planned on making that the theme of the room. I would like for his room to be more eclectic. Now I just have to figure out what I want in there. I have a few ideas for what I want to put on his walls.

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  1. It looks great, and like he's really enjoying it!