Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a.........


Our little girl is SO stubborn but VERY active. We were there for over 30 minutes before we even knew what we were having. She wiggled all over the place and kept the technician on her toes. She kept her legs and feet tightly together for the longest time. No matter how many time's the technician pressed on my belly it didn't change a thing. Finally she asked me to go to the restroom and see if that would make a difference. I was beginning to think we wouldn't be able to share the good news today of what we are having. I gave our little girl a talking to and she apparently listened. When I got back it took a few minutes but the technician proudly proclaimed she was able to get a picture. I practically squealed when she told us. The lady was only able to get one shot of her parts(but enough to know for a fact we're having a girl) and back together her legs went. I told Christopher that and he said she's already a little lady. Her heart rate was 146 bpm. She looked great. We loved watching her with those little hands all over the place. I am SO sore now from all the pushing and prodding but it was so worth it!

Grayson seemed to be very happy he was having a sister. He was a little confused as to what was going on. I know he would have been just as happy with a little brother. Nathan was over the moon. I couldn't be more in love with him than I already am. After the u/s we called/texted everyone. I would have loved to do a reveal party but our families couldn't wait. Not only that but some are out of town. Either way we're happy to finally tell everyone the wonderful news. We celebrated by getting lunch at Firehouse Subs(which is SO good) and we went back to Nathan's work to tell his boss and co-workers.

Its been a great day! Its starting to hit me that I'm going to be a mom of two. I'm still in shock that we're having a little girl. lol The drano test was right!

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  1. I'm so excited for you and Nathan! You know I realized we never did the drano text when I was pregnant. It would have been interesting to see if it worked for me to. Maybe next time.