Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tonight for Supper

We had a delicious meal tonight thanks to the Pioneer Woman.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini

Photo credit: Pioneer Woman

This sandwich was absolutely delicious! My whole family enjoyed it. This sandwich is going to be put on my must have list. To save a little money I did use regular whole wheat loaf bread. We all loved it. I'll eventually try it on some french bread. When I went to the store I purchased chicken tenders instead of chicken breast. My reasoning was because it was cheaper and it saved time. I loved the ranch dressing on the sandwich. We added a thin layer on both sides of the bread but next time I plan to add a little more. We did without the mustard and I of course didn't miss it. We don't own a panini maker so I used our Hamilton Beach Grill. It worked out perfectly.

Thanks Pioneer Woman!

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