Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update on house situation

We still have not heard from the bank lady. Nathan has called her many times and left her several voice mail. Still no call back. Its been 2 weeks already. Its been very frustrating. Our patience has been tested so much these last few months.

Today Nathan called our bank and talked to a person about the situation. She actually answered some questions for him. As of right now we don't qualify for the first time buyer thing. We were seeing if there was a way of not having to put any money down. Even though this other house wouldn't be our first house its b/c we would then own 2 houses. Its hard to explain. We qualify to put 3% down which is $4,000. That is a lot but not as bad as it could be. She said if we decide to sell our current house then it would help greatly and we wouldn't have to put anything down.

Nathan has talked about emailing that other bank lady and see if she replies. Right now we are weighing our options and in for some more prayer time. We're anxious about getting this whole thing figured out but we want God's will in this. Hopefully soon we will know something. Please keep us in your prayers.


  1. Were you planning on keeping both houses?

  2. Praying dear...I know this is a big decision for you two.

    Love ya bunches,