Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby items

I recently took some pictures of some baby items either I bought or have received. I thought I would post some of them on here. :)

I bought this really cute onesie at Target for $3. Of course he won't be able to wear it for a while since it is 18 months. I couldn't pass it up for that price.

I bought this on clearance from Kohls. The dragon reminds me of the one from "Pete's Dragon". I actually bought this way before we even started trying.

I think this is just too funny.

Baby's Uncle Christopher bought this shirt the last time he was in Atlanta. He's so proud of this shirt. There will be plenty of pictures of him wearing it.

Nathan's parents bought this little outfit recently. I love the turtles!

Here's a picture of me holding the beautiful baby blanket that Melody made. It is so soft. I can't wait to wrap my baby up in it.

This adorable outfit is from Uncle Franklin and Auntie Korey. I love the owl on it.

Another bundle of cute outfits from Uncle Franklin and Auntie Korey. I was too lazy to take pictures of each individual items. My favorite is the the one that's green and yellow striped.

I bought this adorable onesie on clearance (I love clearance!) at Old Navy. I bought this before we knew the sex of the baby. I couldn't pass it up. I love that its green and has a turtle on it.

Nathan's parents bought this adorable sleeper.

Nathan's Papa bought these adorable USC booties at Cracker Barrel. If your from South Carolina you know the 2 biggest teams are USC Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers. To be quite honest we're not sports fans, so we don't care. Even though I do look the look of Clemson stuff better. I couldn't hardly believe his Papa bought these. You just have to know him. Apparently babies make him an old softy. I plan on keeping those little booties forever. They even came in a plastic case. So that's great.

The other day we stopped by Nathan's Grandparents house. They said they had some for us. Here's what his Papa handed us.

Here's what was inside:
That's right, his Papa bought Clemson booties this time! He said he couldn't help it. I loved how he said the baby had to have them. I will keep those booties forever. I also plan on taking lots of pictures of our little boy wearing them while he's still a newborn.

Tonight I found a new set of crib bedding online that I just ADORE!! I'll post that next time.


  1. I love all the clothes EXCEPT those AWFUL USC booties. They should be trashed. Now the Clemson one's, they should be bronzed and put on a shelf for all to see! Go TIGERS! Okay, I have that off my chest, yay for cuties baby stuff! You didn't put the stuff from the yard sales up though :( I LOVE the duckie stuff!

  2. AWWW, I love all those adorable baby outfits. That green long-sleeved onesie is my favourite! Old Navy baby clothes are awesome.

  3. Adorable! I love all the little boy clothes :) I never got to get all the boy stuff, so cute! That automatic sprinkler one is so funny! :)

  4. I bought that Automatic Sprinkler one for my godson. I love it and wish I'd bought one for myself. LOL, oh well I guess I'll just have to make one.

    Cute stuff. I can't wait to see what all you get at your baby shower. I love to look at baby stuff.