Tuesday, October 7, 2008

35 week check up

My appointment was at 11 this morning. I got there about 10 minutes early and signed in. I gave my specimen and then they took me on back. I was weighed and gained another 2 pounds. That bumps me up to 9 or 10lbs. gained this pregnancy. My blood pressure was 128/60. Its a lot better than last time. She reminded me of how I was going to have my Beta-Strep culture done. I did remember and wasn't looking forward to it. I asked her if it was anything like a pap smear. She said it was similar but without a specula. I was glad to hear that.

I was taken back to the room and only waited about 5 minutes before Dr. Bradley came in. He first measured me and I measured 35cm. Right on target. Then he listened to baby's heartbeat. His bpm is in the 140s. He didn't kick the doppler off this time. Then it was time for the culture to be taken. It wasn't near as bad as thought it would be. The nurse stood by me the whole time. It was uncomfortable but no so bad. Dr. Bradley kept saying sorry every time I flinched. I had mentioned to him about how I've been experiencing menstrual type cramps off and on. So he checked my cervix. That was what hurt so badly. The nurse held my arm and kept telling me to breathe. At one point I actually screamed out, "OH DEAR GOD!!!" Let's just say I was happy when it was over with. The good news is my cervix is still closed. Which I figured it was since I haven't lost my mucus plug yet. Sorry for the TMI.

I asked Dr. Bradley about what contractions feel like. He said, "Oh you will know it when you have one." I asked him when should I be concerned and need to go to the hospital. He told me that if the contractions are 3-5 minutes apart and last for 2 hours then I need to go to the hospital immediately. That's good to know. He informed me that from now on my appointments will be come weekly. My next appointment is next Tuesday 11:45am.

Get this it took me over 35 minutes to get to my doctors office and I spent 15 minutes at the doctors office. That was so quick. Even though it was a short appointment, I still had my questions all asked.

On my way home I stopped at the library. I got several book on childbirth and a few novels. I also got a video tape on lamaze. I thought it would be very beneficial since I'm not actually taking a lamaze class. Afterwards I picked up a quick lunch from Burger King. I was craving a Coke Icee. Mmm so good. I stopped by the Recycled Reader to give Anne(owner) a thank you card for the baby gift. Then I stopped by Nathan's Grandparents house to pick up another baby gift. We got 2 more adorable outfits and money. :) I stayed there for a little while talking and then I ran back home. Then I had to go to the post office to buy 2 books of stamps and send off Thank You cards. Afterwards I got some groceries and went home. I pretty much over did it today. I'm hurting so much now, but at least I got some things done. Too bad none of it was to the house.


  1. Yay for a good check-up! I can't believe you've only gained 10lbs! I can't wait until Saturday!

  2. Oh you'll know when you have contractions!!! Trust me. My daughter decided to make things interesting last week and I was having contractions about 5 minutes apart...thankfully bed rest fixed the problem :) I'm jealous you've only gained 10lbs!!! You're so close :)