Tuesday, October 14, 2008

36 week pictures & check up

Over the weekend I had 2 baby showers. My wonderful SIL Korey threw me one at her apartment. It was so much fun!! She did a great job. Her home was beautifully decorated. There was yummy food to munch on and even yummier faux margaritas. Mmmm. We played a game and it was so much fun. Hard but very funny to watch others play. We were blessed with many more gifts. I was very happy to receive a diaper bag, baby monitor, and Boppy pillow. Of course I'm happy with everything else I got. Those were items I was really hoping to get. I also received a lot more clothing, diapers, wipes, hangers, toy blocks, tug boats for his bath, & other various items. Oh yeah and Melody made adorable baby socks, burp cloths & a beautiful diaper cake (also as part of the decoration). I feel so blessed to have so many people care about us. :)

Sunday night I had another baby shower after church. I was amazed by how the gym looked so different. They decorated it in a jungle theme (that's what his nursery will be). It was so cute! I received more clothing, wipes, and other items. One of the cutest gifts is a huge stuffed lion. So cute and so soft. My baby will definitely have his pictures taken with it.

I plan on sharing pictures from both showers real soon. :)

36 weeks

36 weeks and 1 day

Today was my 36 week check up. I lost 2 pounds again. I couldn't believe it. The nurse said it could be just water weight lost. She said its normal. My blood pressure is 136/80. It is high this time around. I met another doctor today, Dr. Lebel. I like her the best so far. She is so nice. She measured me and I'm exactly 36cm. Then she checked his heart rate. His bpm is in the 140s. I was asking her about when will we know he's in the head down position. She said he actually already is in that position. She was telling me she knew he was because of where she found his heartbeat. I was very surprised. I mentioned to her that I was having a lot more Braxton Hicks contractions. She said it was normal. She asked me if I was having any spotting, frequent headaches, or blurred vision. She was asking that since my blood pressure was up and wanted to make sure I didn't have preeclampsia. Thankfully I haven't had any of those symptoms. She said I may have had a contraction when my blood pressure was taken. She was saying how contractions make it go up. Hopefully that's all it is. I did get some good news, I don't have beta-strep. I'm praising God about that. All in all it was a good appointment. I really hope she is the one who delivers our baby. I go back next Monday at 11:45am.


  1. Yay for Mr. Man being in the head down position! I'm so glad you had a good time on Saturday!

  2. Where do you get your maternity clothes?? I love all your maternity shirts. I had such a hard time finding nice things when I was pregnant.

    That's great your baby showers went so well. :) How sweet and thoughtful everyone was.

  3. Most of my tops have come from Kohls. The colorful top is from Burlington Coat Factory. The 2nd one is from Walmart. I have one that came from Motherhood Maternity. I wore regular tank tops under most of them since the tops are usually low neck. :)

  4. OH MYLANTA!!! I want to have your pregnancy weight gain/loss thingy the next time I get pregnant!! That's so crazy! LOVE the pictures!!!