Thursday, February 11, 2010

15 month check up

Grayson had his 15 month check up today. It went very well. He's now 33 inches long and he weighs 24lbs 4oz. He's in the 94 percentile for height and 47 for weight. They measured his head but forgot to write it down. I'll have to measure his head myself.

Grayson's choice of words:
-oh we
-uh oh
-kitty kitty

Right now his favorite words are, "yeah, okay, & uh oh." I believe it was in January that he finally started getting the hang of waving bye bye. He does it to almost everyone. Okay maybe I better take that back, he waves bye bye to most of the people he actually knows. Then there are times that he doesn't wave out of spite and he gives that grin to go a long with it. He's a hoot.

He loves to get into EVERYTHING!!! Recently he climbed up on the hearth of our fireplace. I turn to find him sitting there and posing. Of course I took a picture and immediately moved him. He's done it several time's since then. He also likes to look inside the fireplace. I need to buy something to block that area. He also likes to climb up on the coffee table. The first time he did it he just sat there and played with his toys. Naughty boy. He enjoys climbing up on the couch but thankfully he knows how to get down now without falling. He does scare me from time to time when he stands and leans over the back of the couch. I have a dare devil on my hands for sure.

He enjoys chasing my in-laws cats. His favorite is Simba and Cookie. They put up with a lot. He's gotten better about rubbing them instead of grabbing fur. Simba used to be a very angry cat but in his old age he's gotten sweeter. That and slower. He says, "kitty kitty" a lot over there. Recently I was wearing fuzzy socks and he says, "kitty kitty" and began rubbing my feet. It was hilarious.

He has a thing for his Nana and Mema. It doesn't matter whose in the room (including me) he wants them. He seriously cannot get enough of 'em. Its so cute but annoys others who wants to play with him.

I love that he enjoys playing in his room by himself. Its fun to stand back and watch him play. Its especially cute to see him take toys into his wagon and close the door. He will sit there for a while playing and babbling. He likes to play in cozy coupe too. In the beginning he panicked when the door was closed and he couldn't get out. Now that he can open it himself he's okay with it.

Grayson is an amazing little boy. There's much more I want to write about him but I can barely keep my eyes open. Till next time.


  1. Aww, he sounds like such a fun little guy. I laughed at the "kitty kitty" socks story. It's fun to hear you talk about him. :)

  2. He's really growing up into such a little man :-) His smile always makes me smile. He's such a happy little boy!!! You're one lucky Mommy Adrian!

  3. I love his little gibberish talk when he gets excited. It's so funny. The socks story is TOO cute :) I kind of had a feeling he'd be one to seek out adventure. Haha.

  4. It's amazing how fast they learn things at this age. I enjoy hearing him talk while we're talking. Can't wait to see that sweet boy again.