Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day in pictures

In the south we rarely get snow. Its a treat when it actually covers the ground. We had lovely snow for less than two days, the 12th and 13th. We enjoyed it as much as we could while it was here. This was Grayson's first real time playing in the snow.

Grayson was very ready to play in the snow, but we were waiting on Daddy to come home first. He could hardly contain his excitement.

Daddy showing Grayson a snowball.

I felt silly using my umbrella out in the snow but I was trying to keep the flakes from melting on my camera. lol

"Mommy put me DOWN!!! I'm not done playing!"

I loved watching Grayson walk in the snow. Seeing his footprints were so precious.

I loved seeing my boy so happy in the snow.

Grayson loved watching & feeling the snow come down.

Daddy and Grayson warming up by the fire.

Nathan tried to get Grayson to make a snow angel. FAIL! He was so upset as you can see. What made it worse was he got snow up his shirt and that was the end of playing in the snow for a while.

He looks so grown up. About to strip Grayson down & put him into warm dry clothing.

My neighbors bloody Valentine snowman.

Nathan thought it would be funny to put Grayson in the planter.

He looks so grown up here.

He fell so much that he decided to just crawl in the snow. lol

"Here take this snowball. I don't want it."


  1. That had to be SO exciting having snow when you don't normally get it!! I can only imagine how excited Grayson was :-) LOVE the pics!! The one of the trees is so bright and pretty.

  2. What a cutie!! He is looking so grown up. I love your pictures of him. What a happy baby. :)

  3. So cute!! My favorite is the last one.

  4. I'm glad you all got to experience and enjoy the snow.

  5. Oh those are some great pictures!! Grayson is SO cute,Adrian! Your camera takes great photos,wow! You look cute too!! :)

  6. These are great! How fun :)