Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day Twenty-One thru Day Fourty-Eight

Lovely Starbucks.

Trying out my bil's macro lens. This is a photo of his eye.

I tried on my first knitted hat from way back. I obviously messed up because it is so huge!

For my birthday(actually the day before) my MIL made me a Muscadine Cake. One of my favorites!!

Melody and me on my 26th birthday. Her and her hubby came down to spend the day with me.

Daddy was playing peek-a-boo and Grayson wanted to get in on the action.

Fresh Friendship Bread. Nathan already had him a piece.

Attended the funeral of a family friends Step-Mom.

Driving. Going to pick up my boy at my mil's house.

Sleet. This is as close to snow as we get.

Playing with Daddy before bedtime.

Cheesin' as always. I sure do love his dimples.

Cream Cheese Danishes for playgroup(never made it because of weather & no sleep due to teething).

Home-made Broccoli Cheese Soup. Need I say more?

Grayson's 2nd time feeding himself apple sauce. He's becoming such a big boy.

I made yummy cupcakes for dessert and took them to our friends home. This was my little creation. It was a big hit for the kiddos.

Grayson just thought we had to have these. It was so funny watching him throw them in the buggy. Even though he has good taste they had to go back on the shelf.

Grayson playing in Simba's bed.

Grayson's first time down the slide.

Reading in Luke. I love verse 46!

Grayson full of static.

15 month check up

Grayson's first real time in the snow. Even though the picture is a bit blurry it depicts how he felt about it.

A bright but cute family pic of us in the snow.

The only picture of us on Valentine's. We were both so tired but remembered to take at least one picture to commemorate the day.

Nathan surprised me with a yummy McFlurry. Mmm

I was drooling over Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Bun Pancakes.

Showing off my new and fabulous hat that Melody made me. Love it!


  1. I love all these! The slide one is so awesome, and that hat Melody made looks so adorable on you.

  2. Where do I begin?

    First of all...... enjoyed each and every one of those pictures!! A lot of them made me hungry....... LOL. Your son is absolutely adorable. He has the most amazing smile! I don't know how anyone could look at him and not smile! That hat that Melody made you is AWESOME!!! I can't believe she made that. And it looks great on you :-)

  3. These are awesome :) I love that hat Mel made!

  4. Thanks for the compliments on the hat. I'm so glad you like it Adrian. I'm also glad I converted you over to the hat side. I knew you'd look great in a hat styled like this.

    The picture of you two going down the slide still takes my breath away. I just LOVE it !

    Wow does that boy of your have some long hair ! (speaking of the static pic)