Friday, February 19, 2010

Shopping trip

I went out today with my Mom for breakfast and some shopping. I didn't have high hopes of finding anything but to my surprise I did. I have this image of what my style is but I rarely ever find any clothing represents it. Its so hard to find clothing that fits my body properly. Today was the day. I found clothing!!

I fell in love with this dress immediately. Although I already had in mind that it wouldn't look right on me. Usually if it fits in the chest area/arms it will be too tight in the hips/butt. Or if it fits in the hip/butt area it will be too big in the chest. I was surprised to find that this dress fits me all over. The only thing I need to do to this dress is get a cute little broach to pin the neckline. Its just a little to open and low neck to be left alone. It doesn't look like it is in the picture. I'd really like to find some cute red flats to go with this dress. I don't do heels (can't walk in them and I'm tall enough already).

I got excited when I found this shirt. I love this style. The only issue I had was I needed one size bigger. They didn't have this color in another size. I ended up with a blue version but I still love it!

Then I found this adorable yellow knit cardigan. I almost squealed with glee over this. I have been looking for a cardigan and in this color. I was even more excited when this outfit all came together. I was wearing gray corduroys to begin with, so not sure if that part goes. Another tidbit of info to make this even sweeter is that it was on clearance! I think the hat ties it all together too.

I spotted this bag and began to drool. Okay no not really. I've been needing a new purse and wanted something a little more grown up looking. Its chocolate brown and perfect. Its so big I can fit books, knitting, extra change of clothes for Grayson(in case of an accident), and a few other essentials. I'm not into blingy things so this is perfect. I love the flirty ruffles on the sides. I have been wanting a purse in a brighter color but I fell in love with this one. It made me even happier when I found it was on clearance and only $10. Score!

My attempt at taking a self portrait. I'll have to do it over with a tripod next time.

I think the blue still goes with the yellow.

A better view of the blue top.

The clothing purchased definitely represents my style. I bought everything at Cato's. I hope to go back soon because I saw several other tops I really like.


  1. Ok it's official....I'm even more jealous than I was when you first sent me pics today. I love love love all your finds, especially that yellow cardigan. I'm going to have to visit Cato's asap to see if I can find a similar cardigan. The blue really pops too. I think it looks better than the black one you originally tried on.

  2. I LOVE that yellow cardigan!! The blue top looks great on you too.

  3. I LOVE the yellow on you!!! And that purse???? I'm drooling over it........ lol I love it! I can't believe you found it on clearance for $10. SCORE!

  4. I loooove all those clothes! Especially the dress! Where dod you get all this?! You are just so adorable! That yellow cardigan does look great with the blue :)

    RYC: I left a few days ago.

  5. I LOVE everything and I love your style. I don't feel like I've accurately defined my style yet. People tell me I have one, but since I dislike half my clothes, I don't think they could possibly know what my style is. ;)

    I love the yellow cardigan with your hat the most. But the whole outfit in front of the mirror.. I love it all.

  6. LOVE the clothes.

    That dress is so great on you - and will be GREAT with red shoes.

  7. I LOVE that dress! It looks amazing on you! The blue shirt looks great too--I like it better actually! :) Such cute clothes!!

  8. SUPER cute! That is an adorable dress!

  9. Oh my gosh that dress is SO cute!