Friday, April 23, 2010

Busy Saturday

Tomorrow is going to be one BUSY day!! We're going to my friend Kelly's son's 4th birthday party. Should be a lot of fun. Sounds like there is going to be ALOT of people there.

Then afterwards I'm supposed to take the prom pictures. Unfortunately there's supposed to be evening showers. Please please please pray it doesn't rain tomorrow...especially between 4 & 5. If it does happen to rain I have a few back up ideas of other places to take their pictures. I'm praying I can take them in the park as planned. Natural light is soooo much better. I want these pictures to turn out great.

After the pictures are taken we then are going to yet another birthday party. Nathan's second cousins are turning 4 also. It should be fun. Its supposed to be at a park if it doesn't rain. If it does then its going to be held at their house.

To make things easier present wise I asked both Mom's what do the kids need. Kelly suggested pajamas for Landon. I could tell she was relieved I asked. She said he didn't need anymore toys. That's exactly what I got. I bought him two pairs. One pair is exactly like Grayson's. :) Now his little brother Rylie need the same pair so they can all match. haha Vanessa suggested clothes. She did mention the toys they are into just in case I chose that. I bought each of them an adorable outfit. I'll have to take pictures. :)

I'm definitely going to have to start my day with coffee. I need prayer for TONS of energy. During all of what I have to do I'll also most likely be chasing Grayson around as well.

Quick prayer request: My Grandmother broke her wrist today from a fall on her way to the mailbox. Please pray it heals quickly & the pain goes away. To make matters worse its her right wrist.

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