Thursday, April 29, 2010

Saturday details & Dentist Appt

I finally have a chance to talk more about Saturday. :) First was Landon's 4th birthday party. His party was held at Marble Slab (same place as where Grayson had his 1st). We got there exactly at 2pm. I helped Kelly add the last of the streamers. It got crazy REAL fast with all the kids. I took pictures for Kelly since she was so busy. When it was time for Landon to be sung to he was so excited about his cake he had already stuck his fingers in icing. lol Then he wanted to blow out the candles during the middle of the song. Too cute! The party went well & he got a lot of great gifts.

Before everyone started leaving Grayson went over to look at this little girl. He smiled & did the shy thing. He turned quickly, slipped, & slammed his mouth into a metal chair. I saw something white fly out from his mouth but didn't know at the time that was part of his tooth. I swooped him up in my arms immediately. That was so AWFUL!!! Our poor little guy was crying so hard. I finally got a look at his mouth & noticed bleeding & there it was a chipped tooth. I freaked & told Nathan. Grayson was still screaming at this point. His lip & gum kept bleeding. I immediately hollered for Kelly to come over to look at his tooth (she's going to school to be a dental assistant). She was telling me how it looked okay other than the chip. We had to keep an eye on his gums to make sure they stopped bleeding. Thankfully I was able to get Grayson to calm down & the bleeding stopped. I sat down & nursed him for a few minutes. After he had some milk he popped up smiling. He acted like nothing ever happened. We were so relieved. It scared Nathan & I so bad we were almost in tears.

I was wondering if I was even going to be able to still take the prom pictures after that incident. Thankfully Grayson was back to is cheerful self so I went ahead with it. I told the group to meet me there at Marble Slab since it was raining. It really worked out great. The lighting was perfect for indoors. The girls looked GORGEOUS!!! The guys looked spiffy too. They were a fun bunch to take pictures of. :) I'm still editing the pictures & told them I'll have them copies of the cds by Sunday. So I'll probably post pictures next week. Katie's Mom has already asked if I'll take her Senior pictures too. :)

We went to the last & final birthday party of the day. It was Nathan's second cousin's Brice & Brooklyn's 4th birthday. They had a Deigo & Dora Fiesta Party. They even hired these people to come out who were dressed up like the characters. It was rather hilarious seeing these adults wearing ENORMOUS heads & boots. I have pictures of them don't worry. Grayson was soooo excited!! It was funny how enthralled he was especially since he never watches any kiddy shows like that. He's never shown interest. I finally got close to Diego & Grayson immediately pulls away. Too funny. He was okay as long as they didn't move. Before we left we went upstairs to meet the newest member of the family. Nathan's other cousin recently had a baby girl named Reese. She is sooo small. Oh my how perfect. Grayson loved looking at her. He wanted to get down & touch her. I wouldn't let him since she was sleeping. We had to hurry & Grayson wasn't happy.

Some of you have already read about Grayson's first dentist appointment on FB. For the one's who haven't I'll catch you all up. I took Grayson to get the sharp edge smoothed & to get his teeth cleaned(for the first time). I get there & the dental hygenist cleans his teeth. That was horrible for Grayson. I had to lay down & hold him on my chest. He fought it so hard. The lady was very gentle with him but that didn't matter. Afterwards he had to have an x-ray. Once again I had to lay down & hold him. He hated that even worse. He fought & cried so hard. You would think someone was trying to kill him the way he acted. I felt so bad for him. I know it had to seem so scary to him. His x-rays show no nerve damage, thank the Lord. The denstist comes & he seems nice. He looks at Grayson's tooth & says that its loose(its not). Then goes on to tell me that he wants me to come in soon (after things have been cleared up with my insurance) for Grayson to have a ROOT CANAL. I was like what??!!! On a baby!!! Then he wanted to put a resin over it. I was just dumbfounded by that response. I was thinking, "okay the x-rays show no damage but you want to do a root canal...ON A BABY??!!" I didn't say what I was thinking though since I was just in shock. He leaves then the lady tells me about how I can't go back there with him during the procedure. HUGE RED FLAG!!!! You talk about getting upset when hearing that. I looked at her like she was out of her mind. After I left I just freaked out & cried. They tore my nerves up so bad. We're not going back EVER!! I call Kelly & give her the 411. Of course she freaks out like I did. She told me she would talk to the dentist she works with that day & let me know what she says. She called me back & told me that dentist is notorious for suggesting unnecessary procedures. I believe it!!

Another thing I didn't like about that office is when I heard there opening message over the phone talking about how breastfeeding over 9-12 months is bad for a babies teeth. The people were nice & that was it. I'm going somewhere else for a second opinion. The only reason I went to that place is because supposedly my insurance covers most of it.


  1. I love the new layout. Too cute ! Sorry you've had to go through all this with Grayson and his tooth. I'm proud of you for not accepting that dentist's poor opinion and inappropriate treatment choices.