Monday, April 19, 2010

Catch up

Its been a while since I've updated. Hard to figure out where to start. I wish I could get myself into updating every week. That would be nice. Usually the time's I'm eager to right there's no time for it. Then when I have time I draw a blank. Oh well.

We had a wonderful Easter. Grayson had so much fun hunting eggs for the first time. He would get an egg in each hand & bang them together. His first Easter egg hunt was at church. He also dyed eggs for the first time. He loved holding onto that spoon & bringing the egg to the surface. The morning of Easter we gave him his basket. We put a few candies, a stuffed bunny, & a hand knit(made by me) toy bunny. Sadly it was partly finished. I STILL lack stuffing it & adding a cotton tail. Grayson loved it. :) After church Grayson hunted for more eggs at his Nana & Papa's. It was hilarious watching him. The eggs were boiled so when he would bang them together they would crack. They felt weird to him so he would just throw them in the floor. Priceless.

Saturday the 10th Korey & me met Adrienne at the library to knit. The main library has a knitting circle. I didn't realize that until Adrienne had told me about it. I was thrilled to find that out. We could bring our own projects or knit scarves for their shop. We chose to knit scarves for their shop. They provided us with needles and yarn. I brought my own needles to use. It was a very lovely time. I can't wait to go back next month.

Recently I was asked to take Prom pictures for a group of teenagers from my church. I was flattered that they asked me. Okay actually it was the Mom of one of the girls who asked me. Katie & her Mom had been discussing what they were going to do about prom pictures & my name came up. I guess it does help that I put pictures on facebook. :) This Saturday the 24th I'll be taking their pictures downtown. I'm so excited & a little bit nervous too. These are important pictures & I don't want to screw them up. This is also a paid gig too. :) Linda asked me how much & I said $30. Apparently she didn't think that was enough & said, "Well, we'll make it worth your while." So I'm curious if to see how much I make in the end. I plan on burning the pictures to cds & making a separate folder of the one's I play with. I do plan on taking some fun photos. One in particular will be getting them to all jump up in the air. Hopefully my camera will cooperate & catch them in the air on time. I'm going to test it before the day of the shoot. Should be fun!

I made a new Etsy shop. I'm in the process of getting things ready to add to it. I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks to have it up & running. The new name is Yellow Sparrow Designs. I'm in love with the name. :) I plan on adding a variety of things to it. I'm in the process of picking out some prints that I'd like to add to the shop. Hopefully those go over well. :)

Either this week or next I plan on painting the hallway!! Finally getting to paint something. We finally bought a sample & painted a spot on Sunday. The color is called Falling Leaves. It was very orange with the first coat. The second coat looks more pumpkiny now. I plan on buying another sample this week called New Penny & seeing if I like it better or not. It has a little more red in it. Although Falling Leaves is growing on me. I plan on taking pictures when I do get to paint. Currently the walls are a pale green. I'm ready for COLOR!!! As of right now Grayson has the nicest wall color. Its a blue denim.

That's the end of my random entry.

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  1. yay for a paid gig!! that's so exciting!
    people have asked me to take pictures too, but i always feel uncomfortable because all i have is a measly point and shoot...which sucks in taking pictures of people.
    someday, i will be able to get my dream camera...someday.
    but i am happy for you!!
    can't wait to check out the new etsy shop. :)