Sunday, April 13, 2008

10 weeks and 1 day

Yesterday marked 10 weeks along. I can't believe I'm already at 10 weeks. 2 more weeks and I get to hear our babies heartbeat. We're so excited. We're also hoping we only hear one. Everyone thinks we're having twins (since they run on both sides of the family). Nathan even had a dream last night that we were having twins. Hopefully it was just because everyone else talking about it.

I went out with my Mom yesterday in search of maternity pants. My pants are already getting snug on me. They didn't have my size at Old Navy...well they had it but not in long. Regular is too short. We also went to the mall. We stopped at JCPenny and I found an adorable maternity top. I'll probably have to wait till I'm a little further along before I actually wear it. It was fun shopping and looking at all the cute maternity clothes. I never found pants, so I purchased 2 pair on Old Navy's website. I can't wait to get them.

Last night I had Nathan take some belly pics. I figured since 10 weeks I needed to start. I can't wait to see the differences.
Its not the most flattering picture. I have more pudge in the lower area now than before. I plan taking belly pics every week of my pregnancy.

I'm starting to develop headaches again and I know its not sinuses. I've been reading in my book that headaches come along with the 3rd month. I'm still having issues with being sensitive to smells. I can't wait for the second trimester!


  1. Do you know what colors you are going to do the nursery? OR what is your favorite color/decorating color, etc?

  2. is the color of your blog the shade of green that you like?

  3. you are so cute!! you're going to be one of those amazingly cute pregnant ladies, i can already tell. can't wait for your belly to get bigger! :-) and i hope your second trimester makes all this yuckiness go away!