Monday, April 14, 2008


For the longest time now I have had a thing for owls. Mostly the Japanese styled owls. I went in search of some online, but I'll post the couple of things I do have.

These are a pair of my favorite earrings!! I just love 'em. My in-laws got them for me at Christmas. They are Lucky Brand. I like how the blue eyes just pop.

This is a little outfit I bought a while back even before I had gotten pregnant. I just loved it! Of course its because of the owls and the trees. :)

I'd love to have this print in my home. Its from yumiyumi.

This is actually scrapbook paper from Sassafras Lass.

A banner from ISAK.

This is vinyl wall art from Holly's Shop.

Well you get the idea. Owls are just great in my book. :)


  1. You came across some great owl pics. I think my favorite one is the scrapbook paper.

    Love ya cous,

  2. I love the earrings, the banner and the vinyl wall art! I need to start bookmarking everything like that that I love for inspiration.

  3. DUDE! I had no idea you love owls too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I just bought a super cute purse with owls on them!

  4. Owl love is here too! I love your post!