Tuesday, April 22, 2008

11 weeks

Saturday night my MIL Darlene took my 11 week pictures. I didn't get to wear the same clothes as last week. Although I don't think it really matters. Without further ado...

In these pictures I'm wearing my maternity pants. They are so comfortable, but they fall off so easily. I have a darker pair there aren't as loose. Its strange. Either way they still feel better than my regular jeans.


  1. yay! I was getting impatient to see the 11 week picture! I like your top! It's cute, and you have a baby bump! Last night at work a lady came in looking for a CD-R to get her sonogram pictures put on and it made me think of you!


  2. *smiles* I see a itty bitty bump....how cute !

    Love ya bunches,