Friday, April 11, 2008

How we told our families

Easter weekend we went to Charleston with Nathan's family to visit his brother Christopher. While we were there we had planned on telling them the good news. We decided on telling them at Folly Beach where the lighthouse is. It was the perfect place.

That Friday morning I had gotten so sick. I had to eat a half a pack of saltines. I was praying I was able to keep it together on the drive to Charleston. I didn't want the way I was feeling to give away the good news to anyone just yet. Thankfully we stopped at a gas station to fill up and Nathan got me a biscuit. Boy did that help me feel better. I did alright on the 3 hour drive to Charleston. Of course I was so anxious to tell everyone.

We went to Christopher's apartment and had lunch. His friends were over and they were talking about one of the guys wife was pregnant. Chris (roommate) was referring to her as Pregasaurus and then he asked me if I heard that. (See Christopher is always asking Nathan and I when we plan on having a baby. Well Chris knows this and he was hinting around about us having a baby.) When he said that, I was thinking "you have no idea".

Later that afternoon we went to the hotel and then finally went to Folly Beach. Nathan and I were so eager to get there. We walked on the beach for a little and took pictures. Everyone came together and we knew it was time to tell. I pulled out a sticker that said "Grandparents make you smile". I said to my MIL, "Hey Darlene here's something for you to hold onto." (Okay here's the story behind the sticker. Last September was Grandparents day. At their church a lady was handing out those stickers to all the grandparents. She gave one to Darlene and then took it back, because she remembered she wasn't a grandparent yet. Darlene had said that it just about ripped her heart out when she said that. She kept the sticker anyways. That day she told me about it she gave me the sticker to hold onto. So I knew that was the perfect way of telling her.) It was so funny watching her expression as she was trying to figure out why I gave that sticker back to her. All of the sudden Allen says with a big grin on his face , "Are you pregnant????!!!!!". We smiled and said yes. That's when everyone started screaming and jumping up and down. Darlene threw her arms around me and just kept saying she was proud of us and so happy. Christopher was so happy that he threw his hat up in the air and screamed at the top of his lungs "I'M GOING TO BE AN UNCLE!!!!!" Then he started jumping up in the air. Everybody was thrilled. I was so happy I started crying. All Breanne could do was just squeal. After the good news was given we took a few more pictures. As we left the beach Christopher told a random stranger that he was going to be an uncle.

That night we went out to Myabis. Chris and his girlfriend also came along. Christopher was driving me crazy so I let him tell them the good news. When we sat down to eat Christopher told the chef the good news too. He was bubbling over about being an uncle. When the guy was giving out the chicken he gave me extra and said it was for the baby. :)

The whole weekend everyone was asking how I was feeling and if I needed anything. I don't think I've ever been given so much attention in my entire life. It was nice though.

On Monday March 24th was my brother's 22nd birthday (yikes he's growing up so fast). It was the perfect day to tell them the good news since they were altogether. We went out to eat and then back to my parents house. Franklin opened his presents and had his cake. (At the doctors office I was given a magazine for grandparents.) My parents were sitting on the couch along with Nathan. I had the magazine in my purse. Nathan leaned over pulled it out and said to my parents, "Hey I picked up this magazine and thought y'all might like to read it." My Mom looked at the magazine and read the title. Then my Dad about jumps to the edge of the couch and says, "Are you expecting????!!!!". We said yes. Everyone started screaming and jumped up. My Mom was still eating cake during this. I have no idea how it made it to the coffee table without going everywhere. lol Franklin started hollering "I'm going to be an uncle!!!!". Korey was so happy she had tears in her eyes. We were given so many hugs. It was great. Everybody couldn't believe we kept it a secret for so long. I gave them all the details.

Our parents are so excited about being grandparents. My Mom and Darlene call often to see how I'm feeling. Darlene has already bought a little boy and little girl outfit. She couldn't help herself. She also got me the books "What To Expect When Your Expecting" and "What To Expect The First Years".

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  1. I am excited to go on your baby journey with you. The absolutely #1 book I can recommend to you is "Train up your child" by Chuck Sturgeon. You can click on it from my blog. One of the best things it talks about when your pregnant is reading the bible aloud from beginning to end through the nine months and he gives a testimony about how it makes the child more sensitive to the Spirit. Pretty awesome!