Friday, April 11, 2008

Finding out the good news

On March 5th I had to go grocery shopping. While I was out I decided to buy a test, because I realized I was later on my period than usual. I told Nathan ahead of time that I had planned on buying the test. He said that whatever the test said we will be just fine. I was nervous about buying one, because I didn't want anyone I knew to see me buy one. I know that sounds crazy. I just know that if someone saw me buy one they would spread it around that I'm pregnant before I even take it. Pretty sad actually. I don't live in a small area, but I run into people I know at Wal-mart pretty often.

Before I got the test, I went to get pick out some shorts for Nathan (that way I had something to hide the test in lol). I went to the aisle with the soap and pregnancy test. It was so funny when I got the test, I would look over my shoulder to see which one I wanted. As I held my soap I leaned over real quickly got the test and shoved into the shorts. I know I looked crazy, but nobody saw me. lol

After I packed up the car full of groceries I made the 15 minute drive home. It was seriously the longest 15 minutes of my life. Once I got home I unloaded the car put the cold stuff up and took the test. I was so nervous. Before I even looked at the test I prayed, "God if its your will for us to be pregnant let it be. If not, then I understand." It was time for me to look at the test and I saw it was positive. I started to cry. I was so happy and nervous all at the same time. I even read the instructions to make sure I wasn't jumping the gun. A few hours later I decided to take another test in case the other one was faulty. It took less than 2 minutes to show it was positive too. It was bright blue on faded lines.

When Nathan came home I told him the wonderful news. He was excited and nervous. We were both in shock. It took a while to process all the news and we both kept saying "wow". lol I decided that Thursday morning March 6th I would call to make an appointment with my family doctor.

I woke up Thursday morning and made an appointment to confirm the pregnancy. I was so nervous I was sick at my stomach. Sadly I couldn't see my regular family doctor. When I got there I signed in. The nurse came out and said a name. I couldn't tell if it was mine or not so I asked to make sure. I'm glad I did, because it was my name she called. I could tell spanish was her first language. She butchered my name the first time. Thankfully she was really nice and talked a little bit slower so I could understand her. There was a few times she was talking and I had no clue as to what she said. This didn't help my nerves. She gave me a cup and I went to pee in it (how fun that is). I went back to the room and the doctor came in. Turns out her first language was all spanish. I had a hard time understanding her too. She talked some slower but still didn't help much. She looked at me and read on the computer "Your not pregnant?". I could feel the tears starting to form. Then she looks up at me and says, "Oh no I'm so sorry I read the wrong thing. You are pregnant! I'm so sorry I'm so sorry. Here look at the screen I'll show you what I saw." I was so relieved. I told her if I wasn't pregnant than something was very wrong. I was so happy! I started crying happy tears then. So we talked more about the pregnancy. At the time she told me I was 5 weeks along and my due date was November 5th. She told me they would call me back with an appointment with an OBGYN.

When I got out of the doctors office Nathan called. I told him the good news (again). I could tell he was smiling from ear to ear.

We knew that we had to keep a secret about the pregnancy. Man, that was the hardest thing to do!! I was busting at the seams to tell our family. We did good though we held it in. Every so often people would ask us when are we going to have children. We just kept saying, "Well you will just have to keep waiting."

It was over a week and I hadn't heard anything about my upcoming appointment with the OBGYN. I called the nurse and she called back telling me my appointment was Wednesday March 19th. Well, that Tuesday Nathan was in Alabama for work. So I spent the night with my parents. Wednesday morning I got ready and went to my appointment. I was so nervous I was just sick. I get that way when I go somewhere I've never been. I had found the directions for the women center online. I got there pretty early which was great, because I had time to go the restroom.

I found the elevator and went to the floor the obgyn was on. I actually went into the wrong office at first. The lady asked my name and then if I was pregnant. I told her yes and she said that I needed through the connected door. I was originally in the GYNO waiting room. lol The OBGYN waiting room was a lot different. There was low lighting and more comfy furniture. I was the only one in there. I signed in and pulled out my book to read. I waited for a little bit and they called me back. I went in a office with a head nurse. She was a really nice lady. She went over my family history and a few other things. I was in there for a while. She gave me all kinds of free stuff and we went over things I can't eat....and medication I can take. It was all very informative and overwhelming at the same time. She showed me the room where I'll eventually have my ultrasound. As we walked by I heard a babies heart beat. I just about teared up right then and there. Then she walked me to the lady who deals with the financial part of everything. We discussed my insurance and deductibles. Thankfully she wrote down how much everything will cost and how much we may have to pay. She informed me that the insurance company will probably only cover one ultrasound. So she advised that I paid the 12wk ultrasound out of pocket, because its over $120 cheaper than the 20wk ultrasound.

Afterwards I checked out and scheduled my next appointment. I'll be going April 30 for my 12 wk ultrasound. I have to take a video tape so they can make a copy for me. I can't wait to hear the babies heart beat!!

Before I left I had to go downstairs to the lab. They had to take blood and an urine sample. While I was waiting my Mom called. I was praying that when I called her back she wouldn't ask where I was. After I was done in the lab I was finally free to go. I called my Mom back as I was walking back to my truck. She ALWAYS asks what I'm up to and it was a miracle that she didn't ask this time. I was so relieved.

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